Research & Innovation

Khaled Nigim


Ph. D Industrial & Power Electronics; Energy Conversion; Industrial Control Systems B. Sc. Electrical Power Engineering, University of Leicester, England
Electrical Power Engineering; Electrical Machines, Control Systems, Zaqaziq University, Cairo, Egypt

Research Expertise

  • Prototyping
  • Electronic Design
  • Sensor Design

Bio & Academic Background

Khaled Nigim joined Lambton College in 2008 and is now the principle investigator in the NSERC grant, carrying out applied research under the area of Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage. He is a member of PEO and has a graduate degree in wind energy conversion and industrial power electronics with practical experience in industrial processing and variable speed drives.

He is the author of over 60 refereed technical papers covering topics in wind energy recovery conversion systems for grid and off-grid application, renewable energy resources integration, islanding strategy, challenging and opportunities of distributed generation fuelled by alternative energy sources, the development of AC and DC micro-grid concepts as well as reactive power compensation for wind farms and photovoltaic energy parks. He has developed renewable energy assessment tools that aid in prioritizing renewable energy projects that provide heuristic and probabilistic assessment of the available renewable source to stable load demand levels.

Research Areas

Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage

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