Research & Innovation

Margaret Carter


Teacher of Adults Certificate, Lambton College
M.E.Sc. Materials Engineering, University of Western Ontario
B.Sc. Chemistry Honours Co-operative, University of Waterloo

Research Expertise

  • Microscopy

Bio & Academic Background

Margaret Curtin Carter has been a professor since 1999 having taught in areas including physics, math and general and analytical chemistry. Margaret worked in a variety of industries - always in research - from aircraft and tank engine gaskets to laundry products and asphalt hydrocracking.

While working for Fiberglas Canada (later Owens-Corning Canada) she was a principle investigator for a Canadian Space Agency contract where she performed experiments during zero gravity while in parabolic flight at NASA to elucidate bubble formation mechanisms.

Other areas of activity included performance of insulation, material weathering and aging, interfacial mechanisms in fiberglass reinforced plastics, performance of asphalt based building products and foam formation. As past supervisor of Fiberglas' analytical lab, Margaret has extensive experience with a broad array of analytical equipment. 

Research Areas



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