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Margaret Carter


Teacher of Adults Certificate, Lambton College
M.E.Sc. Materials Engineering, University of Western Ontario
B.Sc. Chemistry Honours Co-operative, University of Waterloo

Research Expertise

Margaret has extensive research experience which includes working on projects involving the development of recycled plastic traffic signs, performance optimization of a foot peddled washing machine, lifetime study of pest moth pheromone traps and two projects on waste water remediation, one with continuous flow ion exchange and one with reverse osmosis.

Margaret's current research activity include bioactive extraction from marijuana by supercritical fluid extraction, measurement of terpenes and cannabinoids from marijuana, development of test methods for the measurement of capsid powder from non-lethal munitions deployment, characterization of humus and optimization of process parameters using high pressure & temperature treatment of waste organics and natural product based composite plastics and reinforcements like biopolymers, cellulose nano crystals and systems involving their mixtures.

Bio & Academic Background

Margaret Curtin Carter is a professor in School of Trades & Technology at Lambton College since 1999 and is currently teaching analytical chemistry. Previously, she has taught general chemistry, process analyzers, physics and math. 

Before joining the College, Margaret worked in a variety of industries - always in research - from aircraft and tank engine gaskets to laundry products and asphalt hydrocracking. While working for Fiberglas Canada (later Owens-Corning Canada) Margaret was principle investigator for a Canadian Space Agency contracted to develop zero gravity technology. Within that program she performed experiments during zero gravity while in parabolic flight at NASA's Johnson Space Center. 

Other areas of activity at Fiberglas Inc. were mechanisms and performance of insulation, material weathering and aging, characterization of fiberglass reinforced plastics, performance of asphalt-based building products and phenol and urethane foam formation. As past supervisor of Fiberglas' analytical lab, Margaret has extensive experience with a broad array of analytical equipment. She has been involved in research at Lambton College since 2007.

Research Areas

Capstone Projects; Water & Wastewater; Bio-Technology; Advanced Material Development


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