Research & Innovation

Mike Studzinkski


Advanced Diploma, Instrumentation & Control Engineering Tecnology, Lambton College

Research Expertise

  • Advanced Instrumentation
  • Prototyping
  • Troubleshooting

Bio & Academic Background

Prior to working as an instrument technician, Studzinski spent two years working in the oil fields in Grande Prairie, Alberta. He also worked at Mac-Weld Machining, a manufacturer of orifice plates, thermowells and other instrumentation-related equipment.

Studzinkski has a long list of certifications under his belt including Basic Safety Orientation Plus, Connection and Use of Construction Heaters < 400,000 BTUH, Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and General Oilfield Driver Improvement (GODI). He also holds a series of training certificates including Petroleum Safety Training (PST), Fire Extinguisher Training and Problem Wildlife Training.

When he's not working on research projects or professional development, Studzinski says he likes to spend time welding, scuba diving and works on cars.

Research Areas

Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization

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