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Sandy Kirkbride


Chemical Engineering Technologist, Lambton College

Research Expertise

Sandy Kirkbride acts as the Technical Lead on many research projects, providing expertise in the area of material development. As the lead, she manages applied research projects, supervises research teams including students, develops technical reports and supports commercialization activities.

Sandy previously worked with Dow Chemical Corporate Headquarters in Sarnia in powder coatings, where reactors were used to convert liquid polyol into solid, then formulated, extruded and powderized the resultant powder was electrostatically sprayed onto metal panels.  The coated panels were tested using a variety of ASTM methods.  Sandy worked in the polyurethanes area and conducted the QA on polyol. Her group researched foam formulations, including slow recovery foam, which involved producing and testing foam using a variety of ASTM, ISO and Toyota methods.

Sandy's area of research expertise includes Materials Processing, Extrusion and Health and Safety.

Bio & Academic Background

Sandy Kirkbride is a graduate of Lambton College's Chemical Technology program and has spent the past 20 years working in Lambton's research labs as a Laboratory Technologist and researcher on many industrial collaborative projects. Sandy is currently a full-time researcher for the College's Centre for Industrial Material Development (CIMD). 

In 2006, Sandy worked as a Technologist to manage and perform research projects in the Advanced Materials Engineering Research Lab (AMER), which was initially part of Lambton College's Process Manufacturing Centre. The success of the AMER lab resulted in additional equipment being brought into the College. This included a 55Ton Injection Molder Machine, an Instron, various ASTM fixtures and a Microcompounder for screening.


Research Areas

Advanced Material Development


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