Research & Innovation

Sundar Narayan


Ph.D., Engineering Science, Southern Illinois University, USA
M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, IIT-Madras, India

Research Expertise

  • Mechanical Design
  • HVAC
  • Biomass

Bio & Academic Background

Sundar Narayan is a professor at Lambton College's Chemical Production & Power Engineering Technology program. After completing his education, Sundar worked in the American steel industry designing furnaces and other components for several major steel companies. He also has worked in the U.S. automotive industry as a consulting engineer. He has over five years of practical experience working in the alternative energy field as the vice president of a company in British Columbia that manufactures dryer-grinders which process biomass into useful fuels. He has won grants from the US DOE, NSERC, OCE and CONII to do research on biomass drying, grinding and pelletizing. He is also a certified geothermal designer and installer. Previously before joining Lambton College in 2007, Sundar worked at Southern Illinois University and the University of British Columbia.

Research Areas


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