Enactus Lambton’s innovative One Seed Project receives $120,000 in funding from South West Ag Partners Inc.

June 10, 2014

Sarnia, ON, June 10, 2014 -- A large financial contribution in support of Lambton College’s Enactus team on behalf of South West Ag Partners Inc. will help fund innovative solutions to a multitude of social and infrastructure issues in rural Zambia. The $120,000 in funding was announced today at Lambton College and will be used to further enhance the work currently being done through Enactus Lambton’s award-winning One Seed Project.

“Not only has the Southwest Ag team made a significant financial contribution to this project, they have personally invested their own time and resources to ensure it continues to be successful,” says Judith Morris, President & CEO, Lambton College. “This partnership will continue to support our students at Lambton College and those involved with the Enactus Lambton team, as well as change the lives of people living in the village of Kasaka, Zambia.”

At the event, Morris emphasized that South West Ag’s financial investment just scratches the surface of their support and commitment to the project. Their team of agricultural specialists has been involved with the One Seed Project since its inception, providing resources, manpower and agricultural techniques to specifically target the growing conditions in Zambia. Several of their agronomists have also donated their time and expertise to the project to help Zambian villagers understand the science of soil management and crop production. Their ongoing support enabled the One Seed Project to transform farming practices in Kasaka, increasing their corn production to yield maximum results.

Launched in 2012, the ground breaking One Seed Project consists of a microloan program that combines resources, modern farming techniques and innovative breakthroughs to significantly boost corn yields for villagers in Kasaka, Zambia. The result is changing lives, creating a middle class for 1,500 people that previously didn’t exist.

To date, Enactus Lambton’s One Seed Project has achieved the following:

  • Introduced no-till farming practices and the use of fertilizer to local farmers in Kasaka increasing corn yields by five times and revenue by seven
  • Created a microloan program to budding entrepreneurs in Zambia that has generated a small local economy
  • Built two homes for teachers, as Kasaka was unable to attract educators because the school had nowhere to lodge them
  • Installed solar panels at the school, allowing for evening classes for farmers
  • Brought 20 laptops and two iPads to the school, opening up a whole new world of information to students, teachers and the community at large
  • Refurbished the school, repairing the roof, painting the classroom, repairing the floors and blackboards
  • Created the first ever kindergarten class in Kasaka
  • Built a dip tank for livestock animals to combat pests and disease
  • Taught financial literacy to farmers who now have a stable and abundant income
  • Increased the region’s school ranking from worst to first in just two years

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