Lambton College’s Centre for Academic Integrity to host campus ping pong tournament

SARNIA, February 2, 2017 – Calling all ping pong prodigies! The Lambton College Centre for Academic Integrity (CAI) invites amateur table tennis players to participate in an upcoming ping pong tournament to raise awareness for academic integrity.

The afternoon competition will take place Friday, February 3 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the SAC Student Lounge. The fun-filled afternoon, organized by a group of student ethics ambassadors, will also feature a Name That Tune competition.

Event organizer and student ethics ambassador Jason Thompson says the tournament is an opportunity to celebrate and promote awareness of ethics and integrity at Lambton College in a fun and inclusive way.

“This can be a really busy time of year for students and the CAI’s team of ethics ambassadors felt that this was a great opportunity to host a fun event that celebrates academic integrity and ethical behaviour in our daily lives,” explains Lois Nantais, Professor and CAI Coordinator at Lambton College.

Many of the volunteers that are helping to organize and facilitate the event are international students who have taken on the role of ethics ambassadors with the CAI. The tournament is especially geared towards the College’s international student population, as ping pong is a very popular pastime among those students.

The tournament will see 16 Lambton College students facing off for the grand prize of a Campus Shop gift card. The winner of the Name That Tune competition will take home a Lambton College prize pack.

The CAI at Lambton College oversees various initiatives at Lambton College including academic success coaching, peer support via Live Chat on the centre’s MyLambton page, and promoting awareness of ethics and honest learning through campus campaigns.

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