Lambton College sweeps three categories at regional Enactus competition

SARNIA, March 13, 2017 – Lambton College is celebrating victory after claiming a series of titles at the 2017 Enactus Canada Regional Exposition held over the weekend in Mississauga.

The two-day event welcomed 28 Enactus teams from universities and colleges throughout central Canada as they showcased their community outreach projects and business ventures through rounds of live competition.

Of the four categories they were competing in, the Enactus Lambton team managed to claim the top spot in three of their matchups.

Enactus Lambton was awarded first place for the following awards:

TD Entrepreneurship Challenge Regional Champion for their work transforming rural villages in Zambia through their One Seed and Hippy Peanut Butter projects. Students Courtney Neilson and Megan Rizzo outlined how Enactus Lambton was able to help Zambian farmers launch a peanut butter factory in February 2017. With the help of Enactus Lambton, peanut sales increased from $300 per hectare to more than $6,000 per hectare, a growth of 20 times the earning potential. Additionally, the factory received orders of 2,500 jars of peanut butter per week from a major African grocery chain. Students also taught 100 new Zambian trainers the techniques of no-till farming, while training 1,000 new farmers directly. No-Till trainers assisted an additional 5,000 farmers, creating an economic profit of over $5,000,000 this year.

Scotiabank EcoLiving Green Challenge Regional Champion for their One Seed Project, highlighting waste reduction statistics and the introduction of a drip irrigation system at a local school in the village of Gaali, Zambia. Students Zaid Alglaieny and Kaila McGruthers showcased how Enactus Lambton trained 6,000 new farmers on no-till farming, while keeping 10,500 tonnes of carbon in the ground, 31,500 tonnes of CO2 out of the air, and diverting 360,000,000lb of waste. The installation of a drip irrigation system has allowed the local school to grow canola, cabbage, tomatoes, peanuts, watermelon, and banana trees for the first time, allowing the school to provide food for students and increasing enrolment by 50 per cent.

Capital One Financial Education Challenge Regional Champion for their Strength in Numbers project, a financial education program presented by Haylee McKelvie and Jason Thompson. In the past year, Enactus Lambton hosted 23 workshops, engaging with more than 300 participants through program. As part of the program, students conduct pre and post-session follow-up surveys and at one, three and six month intervals. Survey results indicated participants were able to increase debt reduction by an average of $50/month while increasing savings $25/month, resulting in a total of $180,000 in total debt reduction and over $90,000 in savings in the past year. Plans are currently underway to move the program online, in partnership with Lambton College's Design House, known for developing quality online programming for Ontario Learn. To date, the program has assisted over 850 people across Sarnia-Lambton.

Students Pragya Singh and Rafe Jameison also competed for the Scotiabank Youth Empowerment Challenge, showcasing Project YES (Youth in Enactus Stay), a program designed to foster stewardship, leadership, and social justice in elementary schools across Sarnia-Lambton. Since November 2016, Enactus Lambton has worked with 121 students across four schools in six classes coaching students on building their own community projects. The program has yielded some amazing youth projects:

  • Students at Holy Trinity and Sarnia Christian School raised 2,500 lbs of food to donate to local food banks through their Canstruction build.
  • Local student Evan Duggal raised over $5,000 to build a health clinic in a rural Zambian community. Duggal was recognized by Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley for outstanding philanthropic contribution.
  • St. Anne's Catholic Elementary Grade 2/3 class led a no-idling green initiative to reduce CO2 emissions in their school parking lot.

Their regional success has earned the Enactus Lambton team the chance to compete at the Enactus Canada National Exposition in Vancouver, May 8 through 10.

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