Lambton College officially launches new brand and logo

May 10, 2018

New brand and logo
New brand and logo

SARNIA, May 10, 2018 – A new shield now shines at Lambton College.

After nearly two years of consultation and research, Lambton College officially launched a new brand and logo in front of a large audience of students, faculty, staff, and members of the community.

College President & CEO Judith Morris discussed the new brand and the collaborative, research-guided process that led to the design. She also explained how the data was used to identify Lambton’s unique brand characteristics.

“It was an inclusive and collaborative process, and it was carried out that way so we could ensure that our values were visually reflected on our campus, in our community, and in every aspect of our Lambton College brand,” Morris explained.

Focusing on four values, which the research revealed as Supportive, Innovation, Energetic, and Quality, the brand communicates all the elements of the Lambton experience and presents a new opportunity to raise awareness about the core strengths of the College.

The new brand identity combines a stylized image of a shield styled in familiar shades of Lambton blue, a colour that surveys and focus groups revealed were highly identified with Lambton College by both internal and external audiences.

A new shield was also unveiled as part of the brand and features a fresh, modern design that represents academia and the College’s promise to provide quality education.

From a geographical viewpoint, the shield is also meant to pull in elements of Sarnia-Lambton landmarks, varying shades of blue to highlight water and sky, separated by a white bridge, a visual representation of the city’s own Bluewater Bridge.

Though subtle in their nature, Morris said these details were intentionally included as an ode to the community, and the important role the region plays in the continued success of the College. The bridge path also honours the College’s historical journey, symbolizing the bridge from past to present, and pays tribute to a previous “Bridge to Your Future” logo.

Lastly, the bridge serves as a blueprint of Lambton’s physical campus, and is meant to portray the main walkway, commonly referred to as the “bridge entrance” where incoming students are welcomed into Lambton College every single day.

Morris referenced the College’s continued growth as a catalyst to launch the new brand, referencing the institution’s leadership in many areas including applied research, mobile learning, and international education.

“These are historical times that are driving our community towards a new economy as we navigate the 4th Industrial Revolution,” she said. “As our College has grown and expanded, so has our reputation. Not only are we constructing new buildings, and excelling in variety of areas, but developing our new Strategic Plan. This plan will guide our College from 2019 to 2024 and our new brand will visually represent our mission and vision.”

The College plans to roll out the new brand components immediately across the campus, and will be reaching out to external partners to ensure new brand guidelines are being met.

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