Lambton College Professors Recognized Internationally for Work on Academic Integrity

SARNIA, October 28, 2019 – A pair of Lambton College professors have received international recognition for their work on the topic of academic integrity.

Khaled Nigim, an Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technology professor and Lois Nantais, a Psychology Professor, presented a paper they co-produced during the 17th International Conference on Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications (EISTA).

The conference, which took place in Orlando, Florida, in July, brings together researchers and practitioners from around the globe to support opportunities to bridge the process between education/training and Information Communications Technology communities.

The duo’s paper, titled Student Engagement In Capstone Projects Through Integration of Technologies, Project Assessment and Academic Integrity was selected as the best presented paper at the conference and earned the pair an invitation to participate in future meetings by the International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS).

Prior to being accepted, Nigim and Nantais’ work was required to pass through a series of review processes including a double-blind review (involving at least three reviewers), a non-blind review, and participative peer reviews.

The pair’s work focused on management of capstone projects in the ICET program at Lambton College. The paper elaborated on the processes involved with the simplification of the important elements of project development, including how to assign tasks to team members, how students solve problems and manage time commitments, communication, and technical reporting. A sample of the processes and assessment tools used within the course was also presented within the paper.

“I think our paper's acceptance came about from a key point: our work represented a cross-discipline collaboration in a capstone context where our combined efforts reflected some of the ideals of student learning - namely ethical leadership, accountable learning, teamwork and a suitable, progressive assessment process as a part of the implementation of an applied learning platform,” explains Nantais, who says her original involvement in the ICET program’s capstone course stemmed from personal interest.

“I spent time in the lab with Khaled and was really impressed with his commitment to quality,” she says.

After spending time in the lab with Nigim, Nantais says his commitment to quality left a lasting impression. Nantais recognized that the capstone context dovetailed well with her own approach to academic integrity work at the College and felt it was evident that academic integrity was a natural by-product of high-quality, applied learning.

“Beyond that, I had the special privilege of witnessing Khaled’s own ethical leadership in how he confronted and worked through all of the challenges related to building a capstone course at Lambton College,” says Nantais.

The work of the two professors and the subsequent success of their paper following the conference resulted in a request for the work to be included in the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: JSCI. The published paper will be available on the Journal’s website ( at a later date.

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