Food and Beverage Research at Lambton College Continues to Expand

SARNIA, October 15, 2020 - Research activity at Lambton College continues to thrive as it expands into new sectors. Most recently, growth in research capabilities has allowed the College to develop extensive infrastructure related to Food and Beverage technology and manufacturing. These latest capabilities evolved out of the capacity and expertise available through Lambton's Bio-Industrial Process Research Centre (BPRC).

The expansion comes as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Canada's food and beverage sector grow, with many looking to develop new products or to optimize existing products, technologies and processes to be more efficient and/or adapt to changing consumer needs.

Researchers in the BPRC utilize the various laboratories located in Lambton's Centre of Excellence in Energy & Bio-Industrial Technology to support Food and Beverage formulation development, analysis, and manufacturing.

Currently, the BPRC is collaborating with local brewery Refined Fool Brewing Company, to develop propagation protocols for shortening fermentation time and improving yeast health. Through this project, the research team is improving the yeast health to shorten fermentation time and to develop brews that are more consistent.

Matthew Barnes, Head Brewer and Director at Refined Fool says the partnership with Lambton College has put Refined Fool on the forefront of craft beer industry.

“Refined Fool has been lucky enough to be able to partner with Lambton College to get a QA/QC program off the ground. This project has allowed us to test our beers for CO2 volumes, dissolved oxygen, IBU, and colour, which has greatly increased the quality and consistency of our beer. There has also been work completed on a yeast program. Studying the fermentation curves of a few strains of yeast we have been able to play with the temperature and timelines of the fermentation to optimize the yeasts performance,” explains Barnes.

Jing Jing Nutrifood has also collaborated with Lambton College to develop high quality ginseng-based kombuchas by incorporating ginseng and other complementary ingredients into their kombucha formulation. Kombucha has gained recent popularity in the beverage sector and has many health benefits and is a source of probiotics and antioxidant. Ginseng is also a known health aid and boasts anti-inflammatory properties. Combining the two would likely make the drink even more beneficial, so Lambton's research team is currently in the process of optimizing the formulation protocols that meet all of the requirements.

“Lambton College is excited to expand our research portfolio in the growing food and beverage industry. The Bio-industrial Process Research Centre has the expertise and infrastructure required to assist the Canadian Food and Beverage industry to utilize innovation to solve industry challenges to grow businesses and boost competitiveness,” says Dr. Mehdi Sheikhzadeh, Vice President, Research & Innovation, Lambton College.

The Lambton College Research & Innovation department currently ranks as the #3 Research College in Canada and was recently named the Silver recipient of the Applied Research and Innovation Excellence Award on behalf of Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan). Lambton College's Research & Innovation department has won six awards from CICan in the last five years.

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