Lambton College Develops Competency-Based, Micro-Credentials to Help Meet Local Demand for Qualified PSWs

The College recently introduced a new micro-credential program for PSWs
The College recently introduced a new micro-credential program for PSWs

SARNIA, March 15, 2021 – An innovative way of delivering programming at Lambton College could help meet local demand for personal support workers (PSW).

The College recently introduced a new micro-credential program for PSWs, which was designed in collaboration with more than 10 community partners to address the growing demand for qualified, trained employees in long-term care homes and other healthcare settings.

This competency-based training program model allows those currently working in the field with pre-existing competencies to upskill and work towards the credentials they need in a highly-flexible learning environment, taking classes when they want, on their own schedule.

The unique hybrid delivery model combines online learning with in-person practical experience, which has students completing theory courses online and participating in hands-on training and assessments on campus or within their workplace. Modules are designed to be flexible and individualized – learners work at their own pace and depending on their skillset and previous knowledge, can potentially achieve their goals at a rapid pace in comparison, as they are not bound by traditional semesters.

The program has already seen early success with 45 students enrolled, most of whom have been referred from the community partners and employers who helped develop the framework for the program.

Those involved in developing the program say one of the greatest benefits of the flexible learning model is that it allows employees to pursue the credential they need without taking those same workers away from their much-needed roles on the frontlines. The program also allows students to receive credit for previous education and experience through assessments such as interviews, hands-on projects, exams, workplace attestations or other demonstrations of their skills.

The micro-credential model isn’t meant to replace the College’s full-time PSW program, or the Accelerated PSW program recently announced by the provincial government, but rather to provide another flexible option for those students who already work in the industry and need to maintain their careers while pursuing a credential at a pace that works for them.

Students enrolled in a micro-credential program don’t have to work towards a full certificate, but rather have an opportunity to upskill or train in a specific area.

The Micro-Credential PSW Program is also eligible for Second Career Funding. For more information on the program and delivery model, go to

As part of Lambton College’s commitment to Flexible Education under its Education 4.0 strategy, its first micro-credential was launched in September 2020. The College has quickly grown its suite of micro-credentials to 60, with many more currently in development and slated to be launched in the coming months. To date, Lambton has registered over 450 students in over 700 micro-credentials.

Many of Lambton’s micro-credentials focus on in-demand employment areas such as Personal Support Worker, Food Service Worker, Welding Fundamentals and eLearning Development, along with industry-led skills development. These Lambton micro-credentials have been developed with input from 25+ partners representing local industry and community groups, and with support from the Province of Ontario through the Rapid Skills and Skills Catalyst grants.

To learn more about micro-credential offerings, go to

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