3000-2-5Hours of Work

Issue Date:
June 30, 1997
Supersedes Date:
May 14, 1997

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Normal College working hours are 8:30 a. m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, unless stated otherwise. The Continuing Education operations continue until 10:00 p.m. and may include weekend activities.

Support Staff

The normal work week for Support Staff employees is defined in article 6.1 of the Support Staff Collective Agreement.

Normally, a one-hour lunch period is provided in the daily work schedule. Support Staff should be available within the normal hours of operation of the College. However, the particular hours of work (start and finish) are as may be agreed upon between the supervisor and the individual employee and approved by Human Resources.

It is accepted practice at the College to allow employees two break periods during the course of a normal working day. These breaks are taken on College time and should not exceed 15 minutes away from the work place.

Academic Staff

Scheduled teaching hours and total workload provisions for academic staff are detailed in the Academic Collective Agreement.

Where preparation, evaluation, feedback to students, and complementary functions can be appropriately performed outside the College, scheduling shall be at the discretion of the teacher, subject to the requirement to meet appropriate deadlines established by the College. (Article 4.01 (7) (a))

However, faculty are to be available for work assignments and are accountable to their supervisor for their activities

In addition, faculty are not to cancel scheduled classes without the prior approval of their supervisor


Administrative staff are expected to put in the time necessary to meet the requirements of their position and should be available within the normal hours of operation of the College.

Compensatory Time (Lieu Time) - Full-Time Academic and Support Staff Employees

Where an employee has worked and accumulated overtime authorized by their supervisor, such employee shall have the option of electing payment at the applicable overtime rate as per the appropriate Collective Agreement or compensatory time off as per Article 6.2.5 Payment/Lieu Time of the Collective Agreement for Support Staff (attached) or as per Article 11.01M of the Collective Agreement for Academic Employees (attached) and the attached Local Agreement between OPSEU Academic Local 125 and the College.

Time off in lieu shall be taken at a time mutually agreed upon by the College and the employee.

Such compensatory time accrued and taken for overtime worked as approved by the supervisor is to be recorded on the Absentee Report for Full-Time Employees submitted on a weekly basis and recorded by the Human Resources Department. The maximum number of allowable accrued compensatory days is 5.

At any time, employees may elect payment at the applicable overtime rate for their accrued compensatory days.

Collective Agreement for Support Staff - Article 6.2.5 Payment/Lieu Time

Where an employee has worked and accumulated authorized overtime under Article 6 (except overtime hours performed on a holiday defined in Article 10) such employee shall have the option of electing payment at the applicable overtime rate. Where the employee elects time off at the applicable overtime rate, such time off must be taken within sixty (60) calendar days of the occurrence of the overtime (unless extended by agreement of the College and the employee) at a time determined by the College and satisfactory to the employee. Where time off in lieu is not taken on the foregoing basis, payment shall be made in accordance with the applicable overtime rate

Collective Agreement for Faculty - Article 11.01M

Where a Union Local and a College agree in writing on terms governing workload assignments at the College, such agreements shall be binding on the College, the Union Local and the teachers and timetables shall be established in accordance with such local agreements.

Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology Local Agreement

Calculation of Compensation

Lambton College Management and Academic Local 125 hereby agree that where an employee has worked and accumulated overtime authorized by their supervisor, as per college policy #3000-3-9 and has chosen compensatory time off in lieu of payment, the following calculations will apply:

Over on the 18 or 20

1 teaching contact hour = 2.17

As per Article 8.04 B (i) ...For the purposes of workload calculation, each teaching contact hour shall be credited as 2.17 workload hours to be recorded on the SWF.

Example: 19 or 21
1 hour over = 1 x 2.17 = 2.17 x 15 = .74 weeks or 3.7 days44

Over on the 44

number of hours over x 15 weeks divided by 44=number of days in lieu of payment

Example: 47=3 over x 15=45 divided by 44=1.02 weeks or 5 days

Signed this _____day of ________1997

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