4000-2-2Disposal Of Surplus Material

Issue Date:
November 20, 1985
Supersedes Date:
November 01, 1980

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This procedure has been established to assist faculty and staff in the disposal of College material that is no longer required by the department for which it was obtained. In general, the material to be covered by this procedure should be in the category of supplies, furniture, and equipment. When a department realizes that the material will no longer be required, consideration shall first be given to other departments within the College prior to making any personal arrangements with individuals for their own personal use. This report is intended to outline such a procedure.

Declaration of Surplus Material

  1. Each department chairman or department head shall complete a Declaration of Surplus Material form (Form #1) in triplicate listing pertinent details about the items such as date of purchase, original purchase price, condition, and when available.
  2. Completed Form #1 will be forwarded to the Purchasing Department. This Department will collate all information as is from time to time accumulated.
  3. The Purchasing Department shall compile a total list of available material and distribute it to all department heads and cost centre supervisors quarterly, or as often as is necessary.
  4. If necessary, arrangements shall be made with the Physical Plant Department to store the material pending further action.

Availability of Surplus Material to Other Departments

  1. A department able to use material listed on Form #1 shall contact the designated department head and investigate the material.
  2. Availability shall be on a priority basis to be determined in each case by the Vice‐President, Finance and Administration, or his/her designate.
  3. Student clubs shall be considered for all intents and purposes to be a department such that they may have access through S.A.C.
  4. The Physical Plant Department will make arrangements to pick up the surplus material and store it in a room designated for employee sales as shown in the Responsibility for Disposal of Surplus Material section.

Responsibility for Disposal of Surplus Material

  1. The Physical Plant Department shall be responsible for and provide space to accumulate all material declared surplus on Form #1.
  2. The Physical Plant Department will tag each item with an identifying number and provide a list of all such to the Purchasing Department.
  3. At appropriate time intervals as determined by the Physical Plant Department according to need, employees of the College shall be permitted to view the surplus material with a view to obtaining some items as outlined in the Employee Auction Process section.
  4. The Purchasing Department shall be responsible for the conducting of the Bidding process, ensuring equal opportunity to all employees and allow for acceptance of bids from outside parties.
  5. Items having an appraised value in excess of $600.00 shall be advertised by public tender by the Purchasing Department.

Employee Auction Process

  1. Each employee shall be given an equal opportunity to obtain surplus material.
  2. No preferential treatment shall be given any individual, nor any department, or division in which the surplus material had originally been used and located.
  3. As determined according to paragraph 11, the Purchasing Department shall declare a “Surplus Week” at which time employees may inspect the material (note – one week shall be given for the inspection of goods). Such inspection time shall be during the normal operational hours of the Physical Plan and may be restricted as is reasonably necessary so as to permit its normal operation.
  4. Availability shall be on a bidding basis and the sale going to the highest bidder. Successful bids must exceed the reserve (minimum) bid which shall be set by the Purchasing Agent.
  5. Bids shall be submitted on a ballot provided showing item number, the bid in dollars, the name of the bidder and the date (Form #2).
  6. Bids shall be sealed and deposited with the Purchasing Department and shall be confidential.
  7. At the end of the week the Purchasing Agent and one other shall open the bids and determine the successful bidders.
  8. In the event that there are a number of similar items advertised (example: 50 chairs), any person bidding on that item may purchase one or more providing his/her bid is above the reserve bid and in order according to the highest bid.
  9. All items not sold shall either be re‐advertised or disposed of by the Purchasing Department. The Purchasing Agent may declare any material or equipment as scrap in the event that it is found unfit for resale.
  10. In the event that there is a tie, the item shall be awarded to the bid with the earliest time.
  11. All monies shall be collected and receipted by the Bursar who will deposit the proceeds in the appropriate College account.
  12. The successful bidders shall be notified and given one week to complete the sale and the removal of the item. Failure to comply will automatically forfeit their bid and the material will then be awarded to the next highest bidder.
  13. All transportation costs, etc., shall be borne by the bidder.
  14. Material obtained by employees through this auction process shall be for the exclusive use of the employee. (No material shall be obtained with a view to selling them afterwards for personal gain.)
  15. Employees of the College shall be defined as current employees and shall include registered students.
  16. A list of successful bidders shall be available to anyone requesting this information within 30 days of the bid opening.
  17. Forms #1 and #2 are available from the Purchasing Department.

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