4000-3-7Equipment Used on Campus

Issue Date:
June 18, 2009

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.


To eliminate the potential for injuries due to unsafe use or handling of equipment, materials or tools used on Campus


"Competent person" means a person who,

  1. is qualified because of knowledge, training and experience to organize the work and its performance
  2. is familiar with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and the regulations that apply to the work, and
  3. has knowledge of any potential or actual danger to health or safety in the workplace


  1. All employees using equipment, materials or tools on Campus must be competent people.
  2. All use, storage and handling of equipment, materials or tools will be consistent with the requirements outlined in the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulations and applicable Standards
  3. All equipment manufacturer procedures and safety practices must be employed while using equipment, materials or tools
  4. It is the responsibility of the individual department to control their own equipment ensuring that it is maintained in a safe operating condition
  5. The primary responsibility for the physical custody and maintenance of College equipment rests within the appropriate authority (Dean, Director, Manager) in the department
  6. Each department is to appoint a designate to perform duties necessary to achieve compliance with legislated regulations and standards
  7. All borrowed, rented or purchased equipment, materials or tools used in the department must be properly inspected prior to each use by the operator
  8. All used or donated equipment, materials or tools brought on site must have an operating manual and / or any information available on its condition prior to its use on Campus
  9. All equipment, materials or tools used for instructing purposes must be thoroughly inspected by the instructor and meet all certification standards (Note – Uncertified equipment must be labelled accordingly when used for demonstration purposes)
  10. It is the responsibility of the client or contractor to ensure that all employee supplied equipment meets the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act as referenced in the terms and conditions of the contract with the College.

For questions or concerns regarding policies, please contact:

Spencer Dickson
Vice-President, Corporate Performance & Employee Relations
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