4000-4-1Emergency Closures

Issue Date:
February 19, 2013
Supersedes Date:
October 19, 1991

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.

The College is open every day with the exception of the December holidays.  From time to time, severe weather or other emergency conditions may arise that may require the closure of the College or a campus.

  1. The decision to close the College or a campus rests with the following position or designate:
    • College - President
    • Main Campus - President
    • Fire and Public Safety Centre of Excellence - Dean, School of Fire Science and Public Safety
    • Employment Learning Centre - Executive Director, Student Services
  2. The decision to close the College or a campus will normally be made in consultation with and on the recommendation of the Vice-President, Finance and Administration, or the Director, Facilities Management, or designates.
  3. The decision to close the College or campus may be made at any time in the face of developing circumstances.  The decision not to open the College or a campus on a particular day normally will be made prior to 5:30 AM. The decision to close for the evening or cancel evening classes normally will be made prior to 4 PM.
  4. When the College or a campus is closed, the following shall apply to the College or campus:
    • Classes, labs and all other activities are cancelled
    • Meetings and other scheduled events are cancelled or postponed
    • Tests, examinations and other evaluations are postponed
    • Employees, other than those designated as essential, are not required to attend work
  5. In the event of a College or main campus closure, the Residence will remain open unless specifically directed to close by the President or designate.
  6. Employees working at institutions or facilities other than the College, such as hospitals, clinics or agencies, will be subject to the decision of those institutions concerning closure irrespective of the College decision.
  7. Employees with work assignments at a non-College are expected to report to the College at those times when the non-College facility has closed and the College remains open.
  8. Some employee positions may be designated as essential.  Designated essential employees are required to remain at work or report to work as soon as possible in the event the College or a campus is closed.
  9. For matters concerning the compensation of employees arising from the closure of the College or a campus, see Policy No. 3000-2-10.
  10. In the event of inclement weather or other emergencies in which large numbers of students may be absent, the College may remain open but with classes cancelled and/or tests and exams postponed.  The decision to cancel classes or postpone evaluations lies with the Vice-President, Academic and the Vice-President, Finance and Administration, or designates.

Closure Procedures

When the decision to close a campus has been made, the following will be contacted:

  • President and Vice-Presidents
  • Facilities Management/Campus Security - Internal PA systems, internal monitors, email
  • Marketing and communications - the local media
  • Human Resources
  • IT - Switchboards/Campus Connections
  • OEYC and ECE Centre, TVCC, IEC, and the RBCC

All contacts with the media should be confirmed by facsimile or other appropriate means (whenever possible) to avoid broadcast of fraudulent closure or opening announcements.  Such procedures will be established in consultation with the Marketing and Communications staff.

The Marketing and Communications staff, in conjunction with the administrator making the closure decision, will ensure closure information is available to students, employees and the public from the following sources:

  • Regional radio and television announcements.
  • The main telephone number for the campus with an automated response - A voice message will be sent to all employees in the College or at the affected campus notifying them of the closure and providing regular updates.  Each department at each location of the College will appoint an individual (and back-up) responsible for ensuring that all employees present on campus (e.g. teachers in classes including portables, students and staff in the Library, on-site contractors, guests, etc. are aware of any closure announcement.)
  • The College website and CMS - When a decision to close a campus has been made, all College buildings will be secured. Employees, students and visitors will be required to leave the premises immediately. Each campus will designate a common waiting area for those who were unable to leave immediately. It may be necessary to close the campus to vehicles to prevent individuals from encountering a dangerous situation, facilitate snow removal, etc.
  • Teachers will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that students have evacuated classrooms, labs, etc. in which they are teaching at the time of closure. Security will ensure that the affected building or campus has been evacuated.


Any decision to re-open the campus or a building for the balance of the day or the evening should be made and communicated in conjunction with the same individuals as above.

To avoid any confusion, the College will not run re-opening messages on the telephone system. Standard telephone messages will be used for regular business operations.

For questions or concerns regarding policies, please contact:

Spencer Dickson
Vice-President, Corporate Performance & Employee Relations
519-542-7751 x 3627

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