4000-4-2Parking Services

Responsible Executive:
Senior Vice-President, Strategy & Corporate Services
Director, Facilities Management
Issue Date:
May 22, 2014
Supersedes Date:
May 22, 2014
Last Review:
December 12, 2019
Last Revision:
December 12, 2019

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.

Lambton College Parking Services was established to guide the College in the allocation and control of all parking areas; provide transparency in the management of parking facilities; regulate parking of all vehicles; provide efficient and orderly traffic movement; ensure effective allocation and usage of College parking facilities.

Lambton College strives to provide parking facilities for all students, employees and visitors within the constraints of campus space available for parking.


  1. Lambton College will endeavour to provide sufficient parking to meet the needs of its students, employees and visitors. However, available campus space and operational restrictions may limit the number of parking spaces provided and available.
    1. Parking is not provided at all campus locations. Where Lambton College owned/operated lots do not exist, the College assumes no responsibility for providing parking for staff and students.
    2. Lambton College cannot and does not guarantee the availability of a parking space for any would-be user at any time.
  2. The College grounds are private property. The College maintains and may exercise jurisdiction over all vehicles parked on campus or using the campus roadways. The College reserves the right to take actions that it sees fit for violations occurring in parking lots and on campus roadways.
  3. The College is not responsible for any loss, personal injury, or damage to a vehicle including contents, however caused. Individuals should report any loss, damage, or injury to Parking Services.
  4. Vehicle operators are required to comply with all parking and traffic rules and regulations and may be subject to the fines, penalties, disciplinary and legal actions for parking and driving violations, including those identified in Appendix A – Parking Violations, Fines & Penalties.
  5. The registered owner of a vehicle will be responsible for any violation involving the vehicle.

Parking Categories

  1. The College shall establish various parking categories as it determines are required. These will include, but are not limited to:
    1. General - these parking spaces are available for all vehicles parking on campus – employees, students and visitors - subject to availability and payment of parking fee.
    2. Employee - these parking spaces are restricted to current employees with the appropriate permit.
      1. Work study, co-op and other students employed at the College do not qualify for employee parking spaces.
      2. Retirees will have a complimentary parking pass, in perpetuity, upon retirement. Retirees may submit one vehicle license plate to Parking Services. Sharing of this permit is prohibited and may be revoked at the discretion of the College. Hang tags are no longer valid. Retirees must submit their vehicle license place information to Parking Services.
      3. Reserved parking spaces are allocated to specific employees and the institution for designated vehicles for specific parking lots and spaces.
    3. Accessible Parking - these spaces are designated for individuals with recognized mobility challenges and, in each case, restricted to individuals who have the required designations or permits.
      1. Ministry of Transportation Designation - users must have a current Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit.
      2. Lambton College parking permit and Ministry of Transportation designation – users must have a College parking permit and a Ministry of Transportation designation.
      3. Lambton College Temporary Disabled Parking – users must have a temporary permit issued by the College Nurse and authorized by Parking Services.
    4. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - these spaces are for permit holders to charge their electric vehicles. Charging fees may apply.

Special Parking Arrangements

  1. Service vehicles and contractors’ vehicles will be assigned a specific parking location by Parking Services.
  2. Departments within the College wishing to arrange guest parking paid for through a departmental charge can do so by notifying Parking Services. A manager’s approval is required for all departmental charge transactions.
  3. Special parking arrangements for special events taking place at the College can be made through Parking Services.

Parking Fees

  1. Lambton College will charge a fee to users of its parking facilities.
    1. The fee charged may vary with the parking facility provided, the duration of the parking, the period covered by the fee, and any other consideration that the College deems appropriate.
    2. The College will review annually the parking fees and may change any or all fees at its discretion.
    3. In order to charge the parking fee, the College may use a variety of methods that may be changed from time to time at the discretion of the College.
  2. Individuals and groups who come onto the campus to use College services shall be considered visitors and will be required to pay the applicable parking fee.

Pay-By-Plate Parking

  1. Access to the parking facilities may be purchased through pay-by-plate payment, either online through the Parking Services website before arrival or at one of the pay-by-plate payment kiosks inside the College.
  2. A limited number of semester and annual permits may be purchased through the pay-by-plate payment, either online through the Parking Services website before arrival or at one of the pay-by-plate payment kiosks inside the College.
  3. Failure to register a vehicle and provide payment for the parking time period will result in a parking violation.
  4. Individuals owning more than one vehicle may register up to four vehicles, but only one vehicle is permitted onsite at a time.
  5. There are no in/out privileges available with daily pay-by-plate permits.

Refund of Parking Fees

  1. Parking Services will provide a refund of paid but unused parking fees on a limited basis.
    1. Parking Services will refund a maximum of three (3) daily parking charges per semester to any person who has pre-purchased daily parking permits. These refunds can be obtained from the Parking Services during business hours upon presentation of the paid receipt.
    2. Fall, Winter, Summer, Apprenticeship and Annual parking permits will be refunded on a prorated basis based on the number of days the College charges for parking. These refunds may be obtained from Parking Services during business hours upon presentation of the paid receipt.

Violations and Penalties

  1. Failure to comply with this policy and the parking and driving rules and requirements set down by the College campus may result in any or all of the following actions by the College:
    1. a ticket,
    2. the tow away and storage of the vehicle at the owner's risk and expense,
    3. revoking of parking privileges,
    4. the application of the Student Rights & Responsibilities and Discipline Policy or the Employee Discipline Policy,
    5. the invocation of general law, including the Highway Traffic Act, The Trespass to Property Act and the City of Sarnia Parking By-Laws.
  2. All costs and charges associated with the towing of a vehicle from campus shall be the responsibility of the registered owner and/or operator of the vehicle removed from campus. No liability shall be attached to Lambton College or its agents for any damage caused during the towing operation.
  3. Upon the issue of a violation notice:
    1. the vehicle is subject to be towed,
    2. parking privileges may be suspended.
      1. Suspension of parking privileges will only be lifted upon successful appeal.
  4. Vehicles with three (3) unpaid parking violation notices, or an accumulated total of $150 in outstanding fines will not be granted parking privileges until payment of all fines.
  5. An appeal of a Parking Violation Notice can be made online through the Parking Services website.


  1. An individual may appeal a Parking Violation Notice, within five (5) business days of the date on which the Parking Violation Notice was issued, online at the Parking Services website.
  2. Ignorance of the Parking Policy is not grounds for appeal.
  3. Appeals that do not comply with the above statements will not be considered. An appellant will be notified of the appeal decision via email at the email address used to purchase parking. No appeal of this decision is permitted.


  1. Persons using College parking facilities, where paid parking is in effect, must register their vehicle license plate and pay a parking fee for pay-by-plate parking lots for the duration of time parking occurs.
  2. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to provide Parking Services with current vehicle registration information.
  3. All motor vehicles using College parking facilities must be properly licensed and insured.
  4. Operators of motor vehicles on the College campus must have a valid driver’s license.
  5. It is the responsibility of the registered owner of any vehicle parked on Lambton College property to ensure that the vehicle is properly maintained so that fluids including gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, hydraulic fluid and coolant do not escape into the environment.
    1. All costs incurred by the College in cleaning up leaked fluid or removing the vehicle shall be the responsibility of the registered owner.
  6. A vehicle left on College property for a continuous period of 72 hours will be considered abandoned unless Parking Services is notified otherwise.
  7. Bicycle and e-bicycle parking areas are provided on campus and riders are required to use these facilities. Bicycles and e-bicycles parked in other than designated areas may be immobilized or removed.
  8. Any person who causes wilful or malicious damage to parking equipment, signage or grounds shall be liable for the cost of restoration and/or actions under the student or employee discipline policies and/or the law.
  9. The College reserves the right to adjust or re-allocate parking privileges, temporarily or permanently, in any area for special events, emergencies or ongoing construction.
  10. The Parking Policy and traffic laws are applicable year round.
  11. All drivers must reduce speed when travelling on sanded or slippery College roads.
  12. All persons operating a vehicle on Lambton College property must obey the directions, signage and signals located in the parking lots and roadways.
  13. During the winter months there will be occasions when snow and ice will cover College roads, walkways and parking surfaces despite the best efforts of the College to maintain these areas. During these times, the Parking Regulations will continue in force and will be fully enforced. The driver must ensure that the vehicle is in a legal space and not blocking or obstructing pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Appendix A

A warning will be issued first for each violation. The following fines and penalties shall apply for all subsequent violations:

Parking Violations, Fines and Penalties
Parking in a non-designated area, such as any service, emergency, or loading zone, fire route, fire hydrant, bus stop, roadway, lane, walkway, or any grassed or landscaped area$55.00 Fine + Tow
Failing to register vehicle license plate online in pay-by-plate parking lots$35.00 Fine
Failing to pay for parking$35.00 Fine
Failing to park in accordance with lot layout$35.00 Fine
Blocking or obstructing roads, walkways, other parking spaces, etc.$35.00 Fine
 Failing to obey regulatory signs$35.00 Fine
Parking '3 deep' in lots (blocking vehicles and/or roadway)$35.00 Fine + Tow
Parking in a designated accessible area without valid permit$150.00 Fine + suspension of privileges + Tow
Supplying false information to obtain parking privileges$150.00 Fine + suspension of privileges + Tow

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