4000-4-3Use of College Property

Issue Date:
October 22, 2009
Supersedes Date:
March 17, 1998
4000-5-5 -- Posting of Notice, and 4000-5-8 -- Solicitation on College Property

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that college facilities, grounds, equipment, and services are provided to employees, students and external customers in an approved manner and are protected against loss.

The facilities and equipment owned or leased by Lambton College are intended for the support and delivery of approved programs and other College sponsored educational activities. Upon request, other uses of facilities, equipment and services may be considered under conditions further described in this document; however, this activity is strictly ancillary and the College will not generally provide accommodations that go beyond the College’s existing resources.Solicitation on College property is a use of College facilities that is governed by this policy.

1.0 Definitions

College Equipment
includes items such as multimedia, classroom apparatus, vehicles, and gymnasium equipment.
College Facilities
includes, but is not limited to, grounds, all classrooms, labs, conference and meeting rooms, cafeterias and gymnasiums including change rooms.
College use of Resources
includes any activity that is:
  1. supervised by an academic or service area of the College; or
  2. scheduled centrally by Contract Training; or
  3. scheduled by Facilities Management
Non-college use of resources
includes any use of facilities that is not defined as college use of facilities.
includes, but is not limited to, any activity that is considered to be a form of advertising or canvassing, or any activity involving contacting members of the College Community
includes any individual, for-profit commercial enterprise, community group, or organization registered as non‐profit, not-for-profit or with charitable status involved in solicitation.

2.0 Policy

2.1 Use of Facilities

2.1.1 Lambton College facilities and resources may be made available to internal (employees,students, volunteers) and external individuals and organizations for their use consistent with the following four guiding principles.

  • The intended use benefits the College
  • The intended use does not compete with any College activity, including retail operations or educational programs.
  • The intended use is not illegal, unethical, unsafe, or does not compromise the image of Lambton College.
  • The intended use is not for the personal financial gain, promotion or advantage of the individual, family member, or an associate.

2.1.2 All activities must conform to all municipal, provincial, and federal laws including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

2.1.3 No College employee, student, or volunteer shall use College facilities, equipment or services for personal financial gain, promotion or advantage, or the gain, promotion or advantage of a family member or associate.

2.1.4 The College reserves the right to terminate any contract or event at any time. Refunds will be assessed on an individual basis.

2.1.5 All Lambton College policies and procedures will be adhered to by all users of College facilities and/or equipment.

2.1.6 The College does not assume any liability for external users in their activities or use of College facilities or resources.

2.1.7 When space is provided, the user(s) must stay within the contract‐defined space throughout the rental period.

2.1.8 A rental fee, plus any additional costs incurred by Lambton College arising from the use of the facility (e.g. set‐up fees, cleaning costs), will be charged.

2.1.9 The rental fee may be waived or modified for Lambton College students or community volunteer or non-profit groups or registered charities as determined by the Director, Facilities Management in consultation with the Director of Student Success. However, in all cases, incremental costs to the College will be charged.

2.1.10 The Students' Administrative Council and other lessees (e.g. RBCC, IEC) will maintain control over the activities in their leased areas subject to the terms of the lease agreement.

2.1.11 Corridor space will be provided to Lambton College students for academic or student program‐related fund‐raising activities at no cost.

2.1.12 The College food service provider has first right of refusal for all food and beverage services for all functions on College premises.

2.2 Solicitation

2.2.1 Solicitors must receive permission from the Director, Facilities Management or designate before entering the campus. The Director may consult with other College personnel regarding granting of approval.

2.2.2 Solicitors wishing to post materials on College property must first receive permission from the Director of Facilities Management or designate through the office of Facilities Management.

2.2.3 All solicitation activities must comply with all College policies, not be in competition with the College’s businesses, services or activities, and not violate any laws.

2.2.4 The College retains the right to regulate the time, place and type of activity of solicitors who request permission to solicit on College property or areas leased by the College for the purpose of conducting business.

2.2.5 The College retains the right to review all distribution and display material prior to and during a rental period or a solicitation activity and may limit or prohibit the use of materials.

2.2.6 Facilities Management is responsible for and retains the right to manage all bulletin boards and notice strips, and all walls, doors, window and other such surfaces within the facilities .

2.2.7 With the approval of the appropriate Dean or Director, a department may invite a particular solicitor or vendor onto campus for specific purposes related to their departmental mandate or in relation to a College event. The department will arrange for any set up, clean up, etc. required through the Facilities Management department.

2.2.8 Solicitors who have arranged to be on campus may post notices on non‐designated bulletin boards or strips when space permits, and subject to the terms of this policy. All postings must be removed before leaving campus. Failure to do so may result in cleanup costs being assessed and charged back to the solicitor.

2.2.9 Solicitors who wish to purchase paid advertising in any College publication or on any College media outlet must arrange a contract as may be established by the appropriate Director or Dean.

2.2.10 Notices, posters and other materials may not be posted on walls, windows, doors, or any painted surface, nor may they be posted over any exiting materials on bulletin boards.

2.2.11 Any department, organization or individual posting a notice is responsible for removing the notice(s) following the completion of the event or activity being promoted.

2.2.12 Bulletin boards and strips are restricted to internal College use only unless permission is explicitly granted to an external user

2.2.13 Certain bulletin boards and strips are designated for use by a specific College department, and are signed accordingly. The designated department is permitted to remove notices not approved by the department from its designated bulletin board.

2.2.14 Any solicitor violating the terms of this policy will be requested to remove immediately any notices or postings, and remove any non‐approved displays and personnel.

2.2.15 Failure to follow policies or directives may result in any individual(s) being escorted from College property and trespassing charges or other legal sanctions being applied.

2.2.16 Any clean‐up or damage repair costs arising from solicitation activities may be billed to the solicitor.

2.2.17 Employees or students found to be in violation of this policy, such as those distributing literature in any manner (e.g. leaving literature about the campus, handing out literature, placing material in lockers, under residence doors or on car windshields), will be given a warning and be required to remove all such materials from College property.Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action. Any clean-up or damage repair costs may be billed to the solicitor.

2.2.18 Election Notices ‐ Any employee or student running for elected office (e.g. College Board of Governors, Union, Administrative Staff Association or the Students' Administrative Council) may post election advertising on any general notice board as permitted by the body organizing the election after it has consulted with the Director of Facilities Management.

3.0 Procedures

3.1 Requests for all room bookings by non-College users, including external organizations in which a College staff member participates, shall be made directly to the Facilities Rental Office, ext. 3204 with the exception of residence rooms which are booked through the Residence Office and the gymnasium which is booked through the Director of Athletics, in consultation with the External Scheduler.

3.2 The allocation of resources for non‐College use shall be provided on a "first-come-first served" basis. Internal College bookings may be relocated to other areas to allow for space rental by non-college groups.

3.3 Requests for rooms or other facilities for special events shall be submitted to the Facilities Rental Office using an Internal or External Booking Form which forms the contract. This form must be signed by the person responsible for the event prior to occupying the room or facility and can be obtained from the Facilities Rental Office by telephoning ext. 3204 or from the Lambton College Website at www.lambtoncollege.ca. Note additional "Terms of Usage" on the contract form.

3.4 Changes or cancellations must be communicated to the External scheduler (ext. 3204) atleast 48 hours in advance of the scheduled event. Unless notified, the billing and Services Form.

3.5 Cancellations received in writing or by Fax up to three (3) days prior to event date are subject to an Administration charge. Cancellations less than 3 days prior to the event and "no shows" will be billed at 50% of rental plus any additional service fees that have been incurred.

3.6 Lambton College will not rent its facilities without first obtaining a Certificate of Insurance from the user when the rental involves any of the following: a) sports activities; b) health or fitness activities; c) specialized lab, training or research activities,or d) any activity involving alcohol.

3.7 All food and beverage and AV equipment requests must be arranged through the External Scheduler. The College food service provider has first right of refusal for providing food and beverage services for all functions. If the College food service provider elects not to provide food and beverage services, other arrangements can be made through the External Scheduler to use an approved food service provider.

3.8 Lambton College is licensed to serve alcoholic beverages only in designated areas of the College. All Servers are Smart Serve trained and may refuse service to anyone who appears intoxicated. Alcohol services in these facilities must conform to the requirements under the terms of the liquor license(s) issued to the College.

3.9 The College enforces paid parking. Where appropriate, the parking fee may be included in the total cost of the event.

3.10 If, in the opinion of the College, it is necessary to provide extra Security or Cleaning Services for an event at the College, the cost of the extra personnel will be charged to the group holding the function. This procedure is normally followed when large groups request to use the College on the weekend or during the evening. The personnel operate under College direction.

3.11 Charges for rental of rooms or facilities shall be in two parts.

  1. Basic Rental Fee - A list of basic rental fees is attached. These charges will be reviewed regularly and will include an Administrative Fee.
  2. Extra Charge - Extra charges may be assessed for room set‐up, food and beverages,AV equipment or for costs incurred beyond normal College operating costs.

For questions or concerns regarding policies, please contact the policy sponsor. See the phone list for contact info.

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