4000-5-2Advertising and Information Materials

Issue Date:
January 18, 1988
Supersedes Date:
July 22, 1987

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.

Policy Statement

All communication materials, including letterhead, forms, advertising information calendars, brochures and other publications, must adhere to the Identifications Standards Manual.

All personnel advertising is to be directed through the Personnel Office. All Purchasing Advertising is to be directed through the Purchasing Office.

All other advertisements and College publications are the responsibility of the Manager of Public Relations.


Reprinting of College communication material must include the approved logo and specific format. Incorporation of these standards for in-house printing is the responsibility of the Duplicating Centre. External printers will receive a copy of the Identifications Standards Manual and compliance of standards met prior to printing. Any deviation from these standards must be approved by the Manager of Public Relations.

When an ad is to be placed, the suggested copy, a list of the desired media outlets, and the account to be charged, should be sent to the Manager of Public Relations at least two full weeks before the ad is to appear in print or to be aired.

The Manager of Public Relations will verify the ad copy, place ads, and approve payment when the College is invoiced.

When the Manager of Public Relations services, are not required in putting together specific information material which is to be distributed to the public, the material must adhere to the guidelines as set out in the Identification Standards Manual (1987) and be approved by the Manager of Public Relations prior to printing.

For all College publications meant for external distribution the Manager of Recruitment/Public Relations is responsible for:

  • determination of the production schedule
  • format
  • writing style
  • method of distribution

The Dean, or appointed head of the area, is responsible for: content.

The process to be used for the production of a publication is:

Process Responsibility

  • Schedule Manager PR
  • Format Manager PR
  • Input of Information Dean/Head
  • Preparation of draft Manager PR
  • Approval of final draft Dean/Head
  • Final Publication Manager PR
  • Production Manager PR
  • Release Manager PR

For questions or concerns regarding policies, please contact:

Spencer Dickson
Vice-President, Corporate Performance & Employee Relations
519-542-7751 x 3627

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