4000-6-5Campus Shop

Responsible Executive:
Senior Vice-President, Academic & Student Success
Associate Vice-President, Student Success
Issue Date:
January 17, 2008
Supersedes Date:
January 17, 2008
Last Review:
April 07, 2021
Last Revision:
March 31, 2016

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.


  1. All textbooks, supplies and other required learning aids that are to be sold to students or distributed in class to students are to be obtained through the College Campus Shop. All stationary supplies required by College departments are to be obtained through the College Campus Shop or the designated supplier.
  2. Faculty shall determine the textbooks and other required or recommended learning aids for their courses. These items shall be ordered through the Campus Shop using the following procedure.

Stationary & Other Supplies

  1. The campus shop shall maintain a supply of stationary and other goods and supplied that will be of use to the college community.
  2. The procedure for ordering, receiving, invoicing and returning these materials will be in accordance with that established by the college Finance Department.


Textbooks and Other Required Learning Aids


  1. Faculty shall complete a Text Adoption Form. This form shall be submitted to their dean, or designate, for projected course enrolments and approval. The dean shall forward the Text Adoption Form to the Campus Shop Text Buyer.
  2. In order to allow enough time to process the orders by both the campus shop and the publishers, these forms should be submitted by the following dates:
    1. For September courses no later than May 31
    2. For January courses no later than October 31
    3. For May courses no later than March 31
  3. Upon receipt of the properly authorized Text Adoption Form, the Campus Shop Text Buyer shall determine the quantity of texts and learning aids to order based on the following criteria:
    1. If the books are returnable to the publisher without penalty, 100% of the estimated enrollment will be purchased, if sales history reflects that most students purchase the title.
    2. If sales history indicates that a large number of books were returned, then a lower percentage will be purchased. This will be communicated to the Dean and Faculty.
    3. If a title is classified as one of the following, then a lower percentage of the estimated course enrolment may be purchased based on previous sales history. This will be communicated to the dean and faculty:
      1. Returnable but with a penalty imposed by the publisher for returns;
      2. Non-returnable; or,
      3. Courseware produced in hour.
    4. Once initial stock is depleted, the students will be required to pay in advance for any required copies of these titles or items. Orders will be placed as required, but bundled together whenever possible in order to save shipping and other associated costs.
    5. Courseware produced in house will be available the afternoon of the next business day.
  4. The Campus Shop Text Buyer will monitor the enrolment for each course, as listed from day to day by the Registrar’s office. If enrolment increases additional orders will be placed as required.
  5. The procedure for ordering, receiving, invoicing and returning these materials will be in accordance with that established by the College Finance Department.

For questions or concerns regarding policies, please contact the policy sponsor. See the phone list for contact info.

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