2000-1-11Study Breaks

Responsible Executive:
Vice-President, Academic & Student Success
Vice-President, Academic & Student Success
Issue Date:
October 22, 2009
Supersedes Date:
October 22, 2009
Last Review:
June 15, 2017
Last Revision:
June 15, 2017

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.


  1. The college will set aside the Thursday and Friday of week eight of the fall term, and the week following week seven of the winter term as study breaks for most post-secondary programs. During these periods, class schedules for the participating programs will be suspended.
  2. Non-post-secondary programs and activities will not normally participate in study breaks.
  3. Any request for change must be brought forward to the program dean for review and approval.
  4. Programs delivered in collaboration with other institutions may opt to use the academic calendar, including break periods, of the partner institution(s).
  5. Study breaks are intended primarily as a change of pace for students, and the time is to be used by them in whatever manner they judge to be most helpful in contributing toward the successful completion of their academic program.
  6. Use of time during study breaks, therefore, is a student option.
    1. Academic work, assignments, labs, etc. assigned to be completed exclusively or largely during the study break are not permitted, unless requested by the students.
      1. Deans may make exceptions during the fall break in those situations where special circumstances such as extended fieldwork or other commitments require adherence to regular or special academic schedules.
  7. College services will be available to students throughout the breaks.

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