4000-5-7Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy

Issue Date:
February 19, 2013

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.

It is in the interests of both the College and the individual employee that appropriate action be taken as early as possible when it appears that an individual's performance is being adversely affected by the misuse of alcohol or other substances. Alcohol and substance abuse is defined in this policy as the inappropriate use of alcohol, medications (prescribed or non-prescribed) or illicit drugs that adversely affects the safety and well-being of individuals (including the abuser), the job performance of the individual or other workers, or the work environment.

It is recognized that excessive or inappropriate use of alcohol or other substances can result in physical and/or mental illness and that such illness can, in many cases, be successfully treated. The College will provide assistance in the treatment and rehabilitation of employees whose unsatisfactory performance or negative impact on the College can be attributed to the abuse of alcohol or other substances. Confronting, addressing and treating the substance abuse of an employee is not intended as a disciplinary process. The objective is to eliminate the negative impacts of alcohol and substance abuse on the employee and all aspects of his relationship with the College.

  1. The College will encourage the training and education of College personnel regarding the recognition of alcohol or substance abuse, the reporting of it, and the working with an employee to address an abuse problem.
  2. The employee must maintain job performance at an acceptable level or, in the case of deterioration in performance, improve the performance to an acceptable level within a reasonable length of time, or else face the application of sanctions up to and including dismissal.
  3. The employee's supervisor, on becoming aware that the deterioration in an employee's performance or work environment may be the result of alcohol or substance abuse, must address the matter with the employee and identify the problem with the employee, explain the College policy, advise the employee of the services available through the College Employee Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) and, if necessary, initiate a referral for treatment in an alcohol or substance abuse program through the Human Resources Department.
  4. If performance or workplace problems continue or the employee is unwilling to discuss the problem with his/her supervisor, the supervisor shall meet with the Human Resources Department to determine a course of action.
  5. The Human Resource Department and the supervisor, in consultation with the appropriate medical or health professionals, will then determine what action, if any, will be taken.
  6. If a course of action is to be undertaken, and with the approval of the employee, a representative of the employee's union or management representative shall be contacted by the Human Resource Department for the purpose of joint consultation in order to protect the rights of the employee.
  7. If it is determined that an employee's work performance has deteriorated to below an acceptable level or other workplace problems exist because of the employee's alcohol or substance abuse, the employee's supervisor will advise the employee that a rehabilitation and treatment program is available to the employee and that the Human Resources Department is available for consultation and to arrange a treatment referral. The employee may then voluntarily enter the treatment program.
  8. If the employee does not voluntarily enter a treatment program and the College determines that the employee requires treatment to address performance, behavioural or other workplace problems, then the employee will be informed, and required to accept, that continuance of employment with the College will be conditional upon attendance in an appropriate diagnosis and treatment program as determined in consultation with the Human Resources Department.
  9. The employee's job performance, behaviour and attendance must achieve and maintain an acceptable level within an acceptable period of time. Job performance, behaviour and attendance are to be judged by his/her supervisor. "An acceptable period of time" will be determined by the Human Resource Department in consultation with the person in charge of the employee's treatment program.
  10. The College will employ every reasonable means to restore the employee to normal work performance. Dismissal will be implemented as a last resort.
  11. As in any case of illness or personal affairs, this matter will be considered strictly confidential by all parties involved.

For questions or concerns regarding policies, please contact the policy sponsor. See the phone list for contact info.

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