3000-3-7The Dee Cox Leadership in Learning Award

Issue Date:
September 19, 2013

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.

The Dee Cox Leadership in Learning Award recognizes a Lambton College employee or retiree who strives to release the untapped potential of others.

Leadership is exemplified through the support of others in the achievement of positive change. Learning is an ongoing process of gaining knowledge in the hopes of realizing a fulfilling life. The Dee Cox Leadership in Learning award recognizes the coming together of an individual's passion for personal and professional development and a dedication to enhancing the Lambton College community.



  • Inclusive, passionate, believes in diversity, engaging, active, strong moral compass, integrity, respect for people, and adventurous spirit

Skills - Examples could include

  1. Motivates people to take the first step in learning
  2. Positively contributes to the growth and development of others
  3. Strives for consistency in excellence
  4. Personally committed to developing esteem in people.  Works toward developing relationships with others.
  5. Innovative 'change agent'
  6. Acts as a trainer, facilitator or consultant for external organizations
  7. Demonstrates a commitment to community service through leadership roles in the community, citizenship experiences with several organizations, community partnerships, etc…
  8. Participates in workshops and training sessions sponsored by the College that are focused on the development of professional or vocational skills; participating in industry professional development activities; pursuing a higher level of education, professional designation, etc…through an accredited institution or association.
  9. Actively participates on college committees or on college task teams for a special projects.

The Award

A plaque and taxable cash award of $750.00 to be used for professional development. The award will be presented at the Employee Recognition Event. Should there be no eligible candidates for this award in a given year the award will not be granted.


The Learning Innovation Centre will accept nominations from staff, retirees, and students.

Deadline for submission is the last working day of October.

Nomination forms must be signed by the nominator.  In addition, a maximum of two letters of support should be included. Forms may be obtained through the Learning Innovation Centre website.

Nominations will be forwarded to the Award Committee which consists of the following:

  • Two Deans or Directors
  • Two faculty members
  • 2 Support Staff
  • 1 Retiree
  • 1 Student Administrative Council Representative

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