3000-2-11Outside Activities During Periods of Assigned Workload

Issue Date:
October 15, 2015

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.

This policy identifies the requirements of, and the process to be followed by, a full-time professor, counsellor or librarian who wishes to undertake any employment, consulting or teaching activity outside the College.


  1. Article 11.06 of the Academic Collective Agreement states that “teachers shall not take any employment, consulting, or teaching activity outside the College without the prior written consent of the supervisor”.
  2. This requirement applies to any period of assigned workload.
  3. Prior to accepting any external employment, consulting or teaching activity, a professor, counsellor or librarian must
    1. complete the form (Request for Permission to Engage in Outside Activities) Appendix A,
    2. submit the completed form to his/her immediate supervisor(s), and
    3. receive written approval from the supervisor(s).
  4. The consent of the supervisor(s) shall not be unreasonably denied. (Article 11.06)
  5. If the original, approved circumstances or parameters of the activity or approval change, in order to continue the activity the professor, counsellor or librarian is required to seek the written consent of his/her immediate supervisor(s).

Appendix A

Request for Permission to Engage in Outside Activities form

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