2000-7-2Use of College-Issued Student E-Mail Address

Responsible Executive:
Vice President, Student Success and Campus Services
Policy Sponsor:
Issue Date:
August 01, 2019
Last Review:
August 01, 2019
Last Revision:
August 01, 2019

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.

This policy has drawn on materials and concepts from the corresponding policy at University of Windsor, King’s College and George Brown College.

Lambton College provides students with an e-mail address to be used for institutional communications. This institutional e-mail address serves to provide a standard channel for communications between the College and the student, maximize the probability that e-mail between the College and the student remains secure and private, and provide reasonable assurance of the authenticity of the sender’s identity.


  1. The College will provide, and maintain, an individual College e-mail address for every registered student during the student’s registration at the College.
  2. The College will operate on the assumption that the student reads the e-mails sent to the College e-mail address, and does so in a timely fashion.
  3. The College is not obliged to accept or act on a student e-mail unless it comes from the assigned College e-mail address.
  4. The student is responsible for monitoring the College e-mail address on a frequent and consistent basis.
  5. Failure by the student to read, or read in a timely fashion, e-mail sent to the College address will not exempt the student from any responsibilities associated with the e-mail correspondence or consequences arising from the failure to read the e-mail correspondence.
  6. The student is required to report any technical difficulties with the College e-mail address to the IT Department.
  7. Official College e-mail containing confidential information will be sent only to the College-provided e-mail address beginning no later than the tenth day of the student’s first term of study. The forwarding of e-mails to another address(es) by the student is done at the student’s risk and does not absolve the student from any responsibilities associated with or consequences arising from the e-mail.
  8. E-mails of an urgent nature impacting student safety or persistence can be sent to the personal e-mail address as well as the college e-mail address by the College employee directly responsible for that communication. Care will be exercised to disclose no personal information and communication will be limited to a reference to the College e-mail address.
  9. Students using College e-mail, including the College-provided e-mail address, are required to adhere to the Use of Information Technology Resources and the Student Rights and Responsibilities and Discipline policies.
  10. Faculty will require students to use the College’s learning management system (D2L) for course-specific communications.
  11. E-mails exchanged between Lambton College employees and students, and between the College and students are subject to the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act.

For questions or concerns regarding policies, please contact:

Spencer Dickson
Vice President, Finance and Administration
519-542-7751 x 3627

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