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Transfer Opportunities

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Lambton College is committed to recognizing Prior Learning and credits from other post-secondary institutions where these are relevant and appropriate to the certificate, diploma or degree programs we offer.

How much transfer credit is awarded, is based on the depth and breadth of prior content and the level of prior study relative to Lambton’s approved program outcomes.

For more information or to book an assessment, please contact the Counselling Office at 519-479-1023.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition - Internal and External Policy (2000-1-10)

Choose one of the three categories below to filter the Transfer Credit results:

Course not listed? Please contact the Counselling Office at 519-542-7751 ext 3412.

The transfer credit results table operates from left to right and does not function in reverse order. Courses in the right column cannot be transferred to fulfill requirements for courses in the left column.

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