Storyline eLearning Development

  • Demand is growing for people with skills in elearning technology, instructional design, and online course development. But as demand grows, it is often difficult to find the time to re-skill and to adequately prepare for the next big technological change.

    With the Articulate Storyline micro-credential option, Lambton College has made it easy to quickly train on how to effectively and efficiently use Articulate Storyline to create online course content that will meet the needs of today’s learners.

    This pathway allows students to complete:

    • 3 micro-credential learning units
    • 1 micro-certificate

    These three micro-credential learning units can be applied towards the Advanced Teaching - eLearning & Instructional Design Ontario College Graduate certificate.


    Storyline eLearning Development - ASLD

    Micro-Credential Learning Units

    • ASLN-1000 Create a Basic eLearning Module with Storyline
    • ASLA-2000 Create Interactive eLearning Elements with Storyline
    • ASLE-3000 Use Instructional Design Concepts to Create a Short eLearning Course
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