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Customized Online Training

Lambton College can provide your business with customized online training at an affordable price. We offer a flexible, client-centred system that makes developing online training a seamless and straight-forward process for you and your team.

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Our Collaborative Process

  • Project Initiation - Project kick-off meeting is scheduled with all stakeholders to define project scope, deliverables, and timelines.
  • Expert Training - We work with your content expert to incorporate their expertise into robust content for eLearning development.
  • Content & Technical Development - Our instructional designer, project manager, and production assistants work collaboratively with your content experts, using custom template design to ensure consistent quality and a cohesive user experience.
  • Quality Control - Every project is developed and reviewed using Quality Matters (QM), the international quality control standard for online course development. As part of the quality process, thorough copyright compliance checks are carried out.
  • Accessibility - Every project is reviewed for AODA compliance. Documents meet the WCAG 2.0 standard with a AA rating.
  • Course Pilot - We test your course prior to launch to make sure it’s ready, and make updates as necessary based on user feedback.

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