Inside the Photographer's Studio

Members of the community are invited to join faculty and students from the Lambton College Photography program for a special presentation of their Inside the Photographer's Studio series featuring award-winning photographer, Glen Ogilvie and journalist Cathy Dobson.

The free interview-style seminar series - which is open to the public - features photographers and artists sharing insightful and engaging stories, creating a unique and exciting learning experience for students and guests.

For this exclusive presentation, Lambton College Photography coordinator and award-winning photographer, Richard Beland, will sit down for a conversation with Ogilvie and Dobson to discuss their work on Stories from the Streets, the national award-winning series focusing on Sarnia's homeless crisis which appeared in the Sarnia Journal.

The session concludes with a Q&A, allowing students and guests to interact directly with Ogilvie and Dobson and learn more about the time they spent talking to some of Sarnia's homeless population over the course of several months in order to tell their stories.

For media inquiries:

Jami Kloet, Corporate Communications Coordinator
Event Category: Community


Tuesday, March 26 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Photography Studio - LI 319