Graduate Centre launched to support International students

4 / 06 / 2022

SARNIA, April 6, 2022 – International students enrolled in a Lambton College program, including those studying at the Cestar College and Queen’s College campuses in Toronto and Mississauga, will now have access to some exciting new support services following graduation.

A newly established Graduate Services & Support Centre is set to open this month at 259 Yorkland Road in North York. The goal of the new Centre is to support Lambton’s international students as they seek post-graduation employment and settle into Canadian life.

Representatives from the College say the new Centre serves many purposes, but will ultimately focus on providing international graduates with resources to assist them in enhancing their post graduate careers in Canada.

Additional and ongoing supports will also include: mentoring opportunities, health and wellness resources, along with special Alumni events and opportunities for students to strengthen their connection to Lambton College and other Alumni members.

The idea for the Centre stemmed from the College’s greater goal of uniting all its international students under one umbrella and creating a singular Lambton College experience for all, regardless of their study location. A series of focus groups also revealed that international graduates often require additional support and resources as they continue on a path to enhanced career opportunities following graduation.

After realizing that there was an opportunity to provide greater support to international students following graduation, the Lambton College Alumni Association established the Centre to help foster those relationships with graduates. The Centre was partially funded by Lambton’s international education partners Cestar College and Queen’s College, along with a $340,000 contribution from long-time supporter International Insurance.

Lambton College President & CEO Rob Kardas said that a truly comprehensive approach to international education requires support for international students after they graduate, noting that the 36 months following graduation are critical for international students as they work towards possible permanent residency.

“Our international students need the support of somebody being in their corner. Our goal is to provide them with that support for as long as they need it. In post-secondary education we often talk about life-long learning – our Alumni Association wants to put a twist on that by saying we want to be lifelong supporters of our students when they graduate,” said Kardas.

To support the day to day operations of the new Centre, the College has hired a full-time coordinator who will be located on site in North York. The Graduate Services & Support Centre Coordinator will oversee the development, delivery and coordination of outreach programs that engage Lambton College Alumni from Toronto and Mississauga while ensuring students have access to all the supports and services they need to be successful during their time at Lambton and following graduation.

“We know that our international students want to be immersed in Canadian culture, they want mentorship, they want career guidance, and they deserve those things. It only made sense that the same services being offered in Sarnia will now be offered to all Lambton College international students regardless of study location,” says Kardas.

For media inquiries or more information:

Jami Kloet
Corporate Communications Coordinator
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