Ontario government approves new three-year degrees at colleges

4 / 11 / 2022

SARNIA, April 11, 2022 – The Ontario government’s announcement today that colleges can develop new three-year degree programs is a historic breakthrough that ensures more students will acquire the professional expertise to succeed in their careers.

“This is tremendous news for students, employers and our community,” said Mary Vaughan, Senior Vice President, Academic & Student Success, Lambton College. “It will create a wealth of new career opportunities for students and builds on our current abilities to provide world-class programming while encouraging more students to enroll in programs that lead to rewarding careers.”

The announcement was made today by Colleges and Universities Minister Jill Dunlop at an event at Conestoga College in Kitchener.

The minister announced colleges can begin developing new three-year degree programs alongside their diploma programs and can expand their range of career-focused four-year degree programs.

“Expanding the degree programs at colleges ensures more students will have access to high-quality, career-focused programs,” Minister Dunlop said. “More students will acquire the expertise and credentials to succeed in today’s job market.”

Currently, most of the programs offered at colleges are diploma programs. Prior to today’s announcement, colleges were only authorized to award degrees to graduates of their career-focused four-year programs.

The announcement today recognizes the success of the colleges’ degree programs and brings true equity to Ontario’s post-secondary system. It ensures every student whose education fulfils Ontario’s degree-level requirements is awarded a degree upon graduation.

Expanding the degree programs at colleges will fulfil the growing demand among employers for graduates with more highly specialized qualifications. This will be particularly important in sectors like the electric-vehicle industry that are advancing the transition to a cleaner economy.

This expansion of the colleges’ degree programs also opens the door to more career options for graduates, especially graduates who are looking to advance into management positions.

As well, this benefits companies that promote themselves and their workforce internationally, as most jurisdictions outside Ontario aren’t familiar with the diploma credential.

“Degree holders enjoy more opportunities in our global manufacturing world,” said Guido Benvenuto, the vice president of engineering at Flex-N-Gate, a supplier to the global automotive sector. “This will make a significant difference in our sector.”

“Expanding the range of degree programs at Colleges like Lambton allows us to create more opportunities for students to obtain advanced post-secondary education in communities such as Sarnia,” Vaughan said. “This is a great opportunity for our College and will allow students to enroll in strong, career-focused programs that will prepare them with the skills and expertise required to succeed in a rapidly changing workforce.”

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