International Education partners donate $100,000 to local community agencies

6 / 28 / 2022

SARNIA, June 28, 2022 – A pair of community agencies with a history of servicing international students have received a generous donation on behalf of Lambton College partner campuses in Mississauga and Toronto. 

In a showing of gratitude for their continued support for students, both North York Community House (NYCH) and Peel Multicultural Council (PMC) have each been awarded a $50,000 donation on behalf of Lambton’s licensed partners in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The donations are a token of gratitude towards each organization for the continued support and services they provide to international students enrolled in programs through both partner colleges. 

NYCH, who has a long-standing relationship with Toronto’s Cestar College, a private career college that delivers Lambton College programs, has provided international students with valuable settlement, integration and community support services for several years.      

As a gesture of thanks, Cestar College will provide $50,000 over two years to further support the efforts of NYCH in supporting Lambton College international students in the Peel Region. In return, NYCH will utilize the funds to assist Lambton’s students in whatever capacity it sees as the greatest need

Likewise, Mississauga’s Queen’s College, another educational partner delivering Lambton programs, has generously donated $50,000 to PMC over the same two-year duration. In return, the non-profit organization, whose mandate is to provide newcomers to Canada with important support services, will put the funding to use where they feel the supports for international students are needed.

Queen’s College has been collaborating with PMC to offer important settlement, integration and community support services for international students for several years.       

Lambton College President & CEO Rob Kardas said that a truly comprehensive approach to international education requires the continued support of community partners such as NYCH and PMC. 

“As a College, we are committed to ensuring our students adapt and adjust to life in Canada as smoothly as possible. Our number one priority is making sure we have the safety supports and resources in place to assist them, both on and off campus, and that we collaborate and align those efforts with our community partners. In order to continue to do this successfully, it is equally important that community groups, whether they be other educational institutions, charity groups, settlement agencies or non-profit organizations, work together to ensure that our students have access, support, and services, when and where they need them,” said Rob Kardas, President & CEO, Lambton College. “It’s excellent to see our international education partners Cestar College and Queens College acknowledge the work that community groups like NYCH and PMC play in supporting our students off campus.”

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