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    Our Brand

Our Brand

  • Lambton College is the higher education partner of choice for students who want a hands-on advantage as they train for careers in traditional and emerging industries. Lambton College takes great pride in giving personal attention to the professional future of each and every student. At our core, we provide opportunities for innovation at every turn, rigorous quality in our programs and services, and energy put into the things we value most – like just how much we care about each and every student, staff and partner.

    At Lambton College, we welcome your potential.



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    The Shield

    Featuring a fresh, modern design, the clean lines of the Lambton College shield represent academia and a promise to provide quality education. Geographically, the shield pulls in elements of Sarnia-Lambton landmarks, featuring varying shades of blue to highlight water and sky, separated by a white bridge, a visual representation of the city’s Bluewater Bridge, connecting Sarnia, Ontario to Port Huron, Michigan. Though subtle in nature, these details were intentionally included as an ode to our community, and the important role our region plays in the College’s continued success. The bridge also honours the Lambton College journey, from past to present, and pays tribute to the much-loved “Bridge to Your Future” concept featured in a previous visual identity. The bridge also serves as a blueprint of Lambton College’s physical campus, portraying the main entrance where our community is welcomed on a daily basis.

    The shield represents academia and a promise to provide quality education.

    Our History

    Over the past 50 years, from our location in Sarnia, Ontario, Lambton College has become a beacon of education, training, and applied research. The Lambton College story begins, however, not in the community itself, but when a delegation from Sarnia-Lambton headed to Toronto in 1965 to answer the call of William G. Davis, Ontario’s then Minister of Education, who had recently announced his vision of a college system that would revolutionize post-secondary education across the province.

    Less than one year later, the advocacy work of these community builders’ bore fruit, and on November 16, 1966 the doors of Lambton College officially opened and we became the second college in the new Ontario system. That first year, we welcomed a total of 54 students in four different programs that were taught by a faculty of 10 professors. Our first graduating class accepted their diplomas the following summer and every single student graduated. In the five decades that would follow, Lambton College experienced tremendous growth, trailblazing an unmatched effort to continuously align programs and training with the evolving needs of our local employers, first.

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