• Lambton College and the Lambton College Research Ethics Board (REB) are committed to ensuring research at the college is conducted with the highest ethical standards. Together, they promote the ethical conduct of research and adhere to the federal mandate - Tri-council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Human (2014) or TCPS 2 and College Research Practices - to ensure that the rights of human participants in research are respected and protected. The TCPS 2 applies to those conducting, participating in, or reviewing human research in institutions.

    At Lambton College, both the college's Research Practices and the TCPS 2 serve as a framework for the ethical conduct of research and shall be consulted to guide the REB, principal investigators, and all research team members to view and understand the perspective of human participants and to protect their welfare when participating and/or reviewing research studies. The REB is therefore dedicated to developing student and faculty competencies in research activities by ensuring research is conducted according to the TCPS 2 and college research policies and practices.

    The pages within this section of the Lambton College website, contain information about the REB and forms and procedures for researchers wanting to conduct research at Lambton College.

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