Start in January

  • Are you ready for January Start?

    January is a time to get a head start on your future - if you're looking for a change, you may fit into one of the following categories:


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      Considered college in September but just weren't quite ready to take the plunge?

      With our General Arts & Science program, you could cater your course list to a number of programs at the college that might be what you're looking for. In September, you may have the option to switch programs and apply the courses you took in January to the program you want to eventually graduate from.

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      Looking specifically for a career in Criminal Justice?

      Both our Police Foundations and Protection, Security & Investigation programs have January start dates. So don't wait until September, start in January - start earning your credential - start your career sooner!

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      Interested in the field of Technology?

      Many of our technology programs are very popular and usually only have September start dates. If you weren't ready to start in September, were on a wait list for a technology program, or just weren't considering college until now, the Pre-Technology programs may be a great fit. Take some courses that can easily transfer to many of our technology programs and get a head start now before September arrives.

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      Not exactly sure what to take but you're ready to start something?

      Get into the classroom and try some courses. Through the Liberal Studies and General Arts & Science programs, you can take a few courses from a few different streams and see if one of those directions ignites some passion. Then in September, you can transfer your credits to a program that has a lot of what you like or stick with what you've been doing and take advantage of some transfer opportunities.

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