Industrial Fire Training

Our Training Team

  • Jeff Dinell Instructor

    Jeff Dinell has been a full-time firefighter with Mississauga Fire Emergency Services since 2006. His specialized training includes Hazmat Technician, Confined Space, Trench Rescue Instructor, Water and Ice Rescue, High Angle and Rope Rescue, and DZ Driving Instructor. In 2009, Dinell joined Lambton College as a part-time faculty member. He loves teaching and is especially keen on driver training because of the value it brings to his students. A memorable moment for Dinell was the hiring of his former student by Mississauga Fire.

  • Dale Gartshore Instructor

    Dale Gartshore started working full-time at Sarnia Fire Rescue in 1997. He is a qualified Hazmat Technician, Auto Extrication Instructor, Incident Command Officer, Fire Officer IV. Gartshore has also earned a University certificate in Fire Service Administration with a specialization in Human Resources Management. In 2014, he brought his positive attitude to the Fire School. His favourite course to teach is Incident Command because he loves the psychology behind it. “I love teaching people how to see the broader picture and then make decisions to keep it manageable. Make quick, accurate decisions, and if I can help others do this it makes me feel good.”

  • Mike Healy Instructor

    Mike Healy, a retired NOVA Chemicals Emergency Response Technician and Pipeline Integrity Technician since 1981, joined the Fire School in 2009. Healy has been an invited instructor at Texas A&M University as well as a student at William’s Foam School. Healy cites industrial hydrocarbon and foam fires to be his passion. He’s no stranger to thinking on his feet – he remembers when the wind changed direction during a scenario in the fire pit where it became necessary to boost one of his students up and over some pipes. Healy’s life rule is integrity – speak the truth whether they want to hear it or not.

  • Brian Secord Instructor

    Brian Secord has been a full-time firefighter for the City of Sarnia for 23 years. He is also a proud member of the Hazardous Materials team. Secord has been a valued instructor at the Fire School for 11 years and was promoted to Captain in 2018. He also teaches and develops courses for seasoned firefighters and new recruits. One notable achievement was his instrumental involvement in converting NFPA 472 to NFPA 1072 on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) committee. He also contributed to the content for the Jones & Bartlett and IFSTA textbooks for Hazardous Materials. Secord is well-known as the guy that eats, sleeps, and breathes Hazmat.

  • Mike Wales Instructor

    Mike Wales joined the Industrial Fire team at the Fire School in 2017 after retiring from his career at Imperial Oil. His years of experience on the job make him a valuable part of our Industrial Program.

  • Matt Madere Instructor

    Matt Madere joined the Fire School from Sarnia Fire Rescue where he is on the hazmat team, marine team and critical incident and stress management team. Madere enjoys sharing his experience and hands-on skills with the students in all areas of learning. His mom was an excellent role model for him and taught him to persevere despite any tough circumstances in his way. Madere believes that having fun is important and makes sure that there is never a dull moment. Most memorable moment in his career? Delivering a baby on the job.