What is a Micro-Credential?

Micro-credentials at Lambton College are individualized, competency-based, training programs that allow students to:

  • Receive credit for skills you already have.
  • Rapidly acquire competencies needed to advance in your career.
  • Master competencies in a self-paced, flexible learning environment that values experience and provides accelerated training of focused skills.

How Does it Work?

The idea of a micro-credential is a new kind of learning and as such, it comes with a new set of terms.

For all students, it's easy to understand the idea of a college program that is made up of a number of college courses. But micro-credential pathways can be broken down into even smaller learning units.

Mature student holding binder.
Smaller learning units to provide you with the focused learning you need.

Credentials Awarded

Micro-Credential Learning Units

Upon completing and individual learning unit, a digital badge will be awarded that describes the competency it covers.


Students are eligible to receive a micro-certificate that focuses on a specific competency area. Micro-certificates are awarded when a specified grouping of learning units are successfully completed.

Ontario College Certificate

In some instances, students who successfully complete all of the learning units within a micro-credential pathway, may be eligible to apply to graduate from an Ontario College Certificate program. Not all micro-credential pathways lead to a full Ontario College Certificate. In order to be eligible for the Ontario College Certificate, students must also meet the admission requirements.

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