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Co-op & Career Services

  • Co-op & Career Services is focused on providing effective, high quality services for Lambton College students, alumni, faculty and co-op employers. It is our mandate to find empowering and supportive ways to help students and alumni define and achieve their experiential learning, career and employment goals.

    Through outstanding customer service and effective use of technology, students can find support in implementing career goals through professional development opportunities and finding the proper channels to successfully connect with potential employers.

    Ongoing recruitment of highly skilled, well-qualified talent should always be a top priority for any organization. At Lambton College, Co-op & Career Services is dedicated to being a trusted partner in providing the best recruitment services and solutions.

    Please see the Co-op & Career Services Job Posting Terms & Conditions for your reference.

    Will co-op job postings still be available on myCareer?
    Yes, co-op job postings will continue to be available on myCareer. Please continue to apply for all positions that interest you on myCareer and make sure to conduct a self-directed job search by applying for positions on LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and other online job posting services.
    Will co-op interviews continue?
    Yes. We are working with employers to book telephone and virtual interviews.
    Are employers still extending job offers?
    Yes. Co-op employers are encouraged to move forward with their hiring process and extending offers. Please continue to monitor your mylambton.ca email. All updates will be sent electronically.
    I am an International Student, and have not applied for my co-op work permit. What should I do?
    Please contact kim.hunt@lambtoncollege.ca in the international department for instructions on applying for your coop work permit as soon as possible. International students cannot go out on co-op without a valid co-op work permit.
    Can I change my work study pattern (progression) to do co-op at a later time?
    Due to the significant down turn in the job market, we are not processing progression changes to delay or re-order co-op work terms.
    What are the implications if my work term starts late or ends early?
    We will do everything we can to ensure you can still earn academic credit and PASS your co-op work term. Please ensure you notify your Co-op Advisor if your work term start and/or end dates are adjusted.
    I am an international student; if I do not complete my regularly scheduled co-op work term due to COVID-19 does that mean I am on an unscheduled break?
    Please contact you Co-op Advisor directly if you have concerns about not securing or completing your co-op due to COVID-19. International students cannot be on an unscheduled break as this would mean they are not actively pursuing their degree, diploma or certificate.
    Have the number of co-op positions been affected by the pandemic?
    Every student has been impacted by the pandemic in some way, whether that is working remotely, a delayed start date, or the work to be done is changed. In some cases, co-op positions may not be able to move forward due to the COVID-19 impacts on our employers. We will continue to follow up with our employers on a regular basis. If you have any questions about your unique circumstance please contact your Co-op Advisor.
    When are my work term assignments due?
    Please review your co-op work term course on D2L for assignment timelines. Submission of assignments is required as a part of your co-op work term experience. All assignments play a role in our ability to communicate with you and your employer, evaluate your work and assessing for successful completion.
    How will co-op impact my OSAP loan repayment?
    If your co-op in longer than six months, you must apply to the Continuation of Interest Free Status (CIFS) application found on your OSAP account. This will put a hold on payments while you are working at your co-op.
    How can OSAP help with my living costs on my volunteer co-op?
    You can apply to OSAP while on your approved volunteer co-op to assist with your living costs. You can contact your ESP for more information.
    If I lose my job will my OSAP be impacted?
    If you lose or quit your job and you are receiving OSAP please contact your ESP to discuss next steps. Being withdrawn from your co-op work term will impact OSAP eligibility.
    I have applied to all the jobs on myCareer and I haven’t had any interviews yet - am I at risk of not getting a job?
    Please continue to check your mylambton.ca email daily for interview requests and visit myCareer weekly to apply for jobs. Our employers are still navigating this new reality of remote hiring and so it may be taking them longer to schedule interviews and offer work terms.
    What can I do to maximize my chances of securing a co-op work term?
    Check the myCareer system regularly for new postings for your program. Be sure to conduct a self-directed job search outside of the myCareer system by creating a list of organizations you want to work at and reach out to them directly. Sign up for alerts on job boards such as Indeed, Monster and Canada Jobs.
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