• About Capstones

    Capstones is Lambton College’s campus restaurant, and it is an applied learning environment utilized by the Culinary Management programs. Capstones allows students to gain knowledge and experience in the food industry as the restaurant morphs between three separate settings, showcasing their skills throughout the year.

    Capstones can be adapted to create multiple service delivery situations where the students develop practical skills and real-world training required to becoming a successful chef or food-service manager. Capstones strives to provide gourmet food options at an affordable price. The public is encouraged to be a part of our student's experiential learning process by visiting Capstones and enjoying the professional service and culinary magic created by our students.

    Capstones utilizes flexible food settings, throughout the three educational terms showcasing that good food can come from a variety of food service models: Café, Bistro and Fine Dining. Our students showcase their most recent skills by offering unique menus and experiences, depending on the time of year you visit.

    Colin Working

  • Chef's Table

    Chef's Table is a gourmet dining experience.Your table d’hôte menu will be designed, prepared and served by the student Chefs, managers and their service team. The students have planned a truly gourmet evening for you which will include a themed appetizer, sorbet, main entrée and dessert for just $65.00 including tax and gratuity. Capstones is fully licenses and a wine and bar menu is available.

    Hours of Operation

    5:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.
    5:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.

    Located just inside the main entrance to Residence and Event Centre, 1485 London Rd.

    Reservations must be made. For reservation booking contact 519-542-7751 x 4050.

  • Weekly Menus

    Thai - June 22 - June 23

    • The Urban Thai - Wednesday, June 22
    • Salmon Larbgai
    • Exotic lettuce wrap with seared, marinated salmon and Thai dipping sauce
    • Pad Thai
    • Stir fried Asian rice noodles seasoned with chillies, cilantro and tangy piquant peanut sauce. Your choice of the classic chicken & shrimp or mixed vegetable.
    • Khoa Niew MaMuang
    • Mango sweet sticky rice, coconut cream and house made banana chips

    • Thai Wai - Thursday, June 23
    • Moo Sarong
    • Thai style BBQ pork belly in puff pastry with sour & spicy Tom Yum aioli
    • Suea Rong Hai
    • “Crying Tiger”marinated beef steak served with red curried rice, toasted sticky rice, buttered asparagus and sweet n spicy dipping sauce
    • Tab Tim Grob
    • Crunchy & refreshing “Ruby Red” water chestnut gems wrapped in soft tapioca served with sweet jackfruit, coconut milk and plum sugar sauce

    Canadian - July 6 - July 7

    • Huron Dockside - Wednesday, July 6
    • Lake Huron Fish Cake
    • Golden cakes of tender fresh catch served with tomato fennel sauce,malt vinegar and caper aioli
    • Bison Stew with Three Sister Rice
    • Slow braised lean Canadian bison accompanied by asparagus spears, corn, red bell peppers and wild rice
    • Deconstructed Butter Tart
    • A twist on the traditional short crust tart combining butter, raisins and granola for a tasty Ontario treat

    • Bluewater Mystique - Thursday, July 7
    • Salmon Tornado Poutine
    • Crispy potato spirals and smoked seafood topped with smooth béarnaise sauce and flavour packed demi-glace
    • Arctic Char
    • Maple seared,oat crusted Char served with sautéed spinach, oven baked white beans and aromatic maple brown butter sauce
    • Sugar Piea la Mode
    • It’s a Quebec tradition, smooth and rich brown sugar pie served with homemade vanilla bean ice cream

    South American - July 13 - July 14

    • South American Nights - Wednesday, July 13
    • Causa Rellena
    • Peruvian potato patties stuffed with poached aioli crab & roasted garlic tomatoes topped off with avocado sauce
    • RoastQuail
    • Whole roasted quail stuffed with breadcrumbs, chorizo, fava beans &wild rice served with curry mustard sauce and a tamarind glaze
    • Chocotorta
    • Layers of Argentinean chocolate cream cheese cake, caramel sauce and coffee wafers

    • La Mesa - Thursday, July 14
    • Empanadas
    • Savory Latin American pastry pockets stuffed with spinach, corn&ricotta,accented with mango ghost pepper sauce
    • Entrana
    • Legendary Argentinean style grilled skirt steak served with chimichurri sauce, fried rice and grilled vegetable guacamole
    • Chilean Sopapilla
    • Golden fried puffs of dough sweetened with butternut squash puree and a drizzle of honey

    Greek - July 20 - July 21

    • Casa Greek - Wednesday, July 20
    • Lamb Keftedes
    • Basil mint Lamb meatballs accompanied by crispy Greek crackers and house smoked pepper hummus
    • Greek Trio Plate
    • Mediterranean flavours come together featuring chicken, shrimp, falafel, pita and traditional Greek toppings
    • Baklawa Cheesecake
    • Sweet baklawa layers topped with mango cheesecake and coulis.

    • Ancient Greece - Thursday, July 21
    • Fried Feta & Zucchini
    • Herbed zucchini and feta fritters served with traditional tzatziki sauce
    • Lamb Giouvetsi
    • Stewed roasted tomatoes and eggplant, grilled lamb and orzo pasta topped off with tomato olive sauce
    • Kataifi
    • Traditional shredded phyllo pastry & walnuts, sweetened with honey and served with fruity Greek yogurt on the side

    Japanese - July 27 - July 28

    Stay tuned for our menu coming soon!

    Indian Street Food - August 3 - August 4

    Stay tuned for our menu coming soon!

    Spanish Tapas - August 10 - August 11

    Stay tuned for our menu coming soon!