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Social Service Worker

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Sexual Assault Survivors' Centre Sarnia-Lambton

How do you feel that your training at Lambton College has prepared you for your success?

Upon graduation from the Social Service Worker program, I felt very prepared to begin my career. The teachers always provided honest feedback as well as encouraged us to look outside our comfort zones when approaching our placement opportunities and learning goals. The entire training provided me the foundation to practice ethical and non-judgemental support to our diverse community.

What advice would you give to somebody who is considering taking the same course at Lambton College?

Remember to practice self-care. It is a crucial part of providing support to people and a vital part of a successful journey through social support work. There are many skills you will develop in this course for helping others, but you also need to prepare yourself for a large amount of self-exploration. I learned a lot about myself in this course which has helped me to be a better support person, listener, helper and individual.

I would also encourage future students to show up to class. Many of the teachers you learn from have experience, connections and are still active in this field and will serve as your best reference and cheerleaders. If they don't know you, it will be difficult for you to establish a placement. Placements are a really great way to become active in your community and to navigate your professional future.

Finally, ask for help when you need it. Sometimes all you need is a different perspective or a little more time and there are no better teachers to figure this out with than those leading this program.

Anything else to add about your Lambton College experience or your current success?

I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to start a career in this field. The teachers are wonderfully supportive. The college has many different options available to make learning easy and accessible to all learning types. The placement opportunities in first and second year allow you to apply your skills and abilities and also give you a glimpse into possible career paths.

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