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Ontario's New Learn & Stay Grant could have you covered!

This new grant is launching in Spring 2023 and students entering the first year of either the Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Practical Nursing programs have the opportunity to receive full up-front funding for tuition, books, and other direct educational costs.

To receive this grant, you are required to work in the region where you studied for a minimum of six months for every year you were funded by this grant

Lambton College’s inaugural degree offering, a 4-year Honours Bachelor of Science – Nursing (Honours BScN) degree, prepares graduates to navigate the evolving and dynamic challenges of the Canadian healthcare system.

The unique program design prepares students to achieve the professional entry-to-practice competencies defined by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). Grounded by theoretical concepts of the art and science of nursing, students will be trained to the highest standards of quality and service delivery in the nursing profession.

Students in this program will develop the critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills required for success in a fast-paced healthcare environment. Students will learn to analyze issues from multiple perspectives and engage in interprofessional practice, building a foundation for skilled professionals capable of achieving successful careers across the healthcare sector. Furthermore, students will learn how research advances the practice of nursing and is an indispensable component of a graduate’s transition to professional practice. Lambton County’s unique location in the province as a border city and home to three Indigenous communities also provides students with opportunities to engage in international and national exploration of health and healthcare issues.

Safe, interactive experiential learning opportunities take place in the form of clinical placements, as well as training in the College’s Nova Chemicals Health & Research Centre which features state-of-practice simulation labs. Lambton College nursing students experience hands-on learning that encourages advanced skill acquisition that prepares them for real-world, hands-on training in clinical practice. The culmination of this excellence in nursing education ensures graduates will be confidently equipped to respond to the complex needs of the communities across the province.

*The new Lambton College Baccalaureate Nursing Program (Honours Bachelor of Science – Nursing) is preliminary approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario ( Graduates from these programs are eligible to apply for registration as a Registered Nurse in Ontario.

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Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D. or equivalent with:
Six level 4 courses from the U or M stream and an overall average of 70% minimum including:

  • Grade 12 English U**
  • Grade 12 Mathematics (C, U, or M level)
  • Grade 12 Biology U SBI4U*
  • Grade 12 Chemistry U SCH4U*

*Minimum combined average of 70% for chemistry and biology.
**Minimum grade of 65% required.

From Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees

  • Program GPA of at least 2.7 (70%)
  • A combined average of at least a B- (70%) in BIO-1205 and BIO-1055
  • A combined average of at least a B- (70%) in CHM-1255 and CHM-2255
  • Passing grade in all courses in both terms

Students in this program must apply to the BSNL program by February 1 of the calendar year in which they wish to be considered for admission to start the program to ensure that all additional requirements are met for the BSNL program.

Mature Students

Demonstrated evidence of completion of the required courses with the required averages listed above either through secondary education or upgrading activities.

  • Highly Competitive Program

    This is a highly competitive program and students are encouraged to apply by February 1 - the equal consideration deadline.

Academic admission requirements can be obtained through the Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas & Degrees (PHDP) program at Lambton College. All course requirements must be completed no later than the first day of classes of term one.

Technology Requirements

In order to keep pace with the requirements of each and every course in your program, it is mandatory to own a reliable laptop to complete tests and assignments.

Course List

BSCN-1114: Anatomy and Physiology I

BSCN-1213: Introduction to the Nursing Profession

BSCN-1813: Fundamental Skills Labs

BSCN-1914: Clinical 1 - Professional Communication and Self-Awareness

COMM-1503: Critical Inquiry and Scholarly Writing in Nursing

Required Elective: Degree-level Human Growth and Development through Ontario Learn

BSCN-1124: Anatomy and Physiology 2

BSCN-1223: Professional Nursing and Ethical Practice

BSCN-1715: Holistic Health Assessment

BSCN-1923: Clinical 2 - Introduction to the Clinical Setting

Gen Ed. Elective: Lower degree level through Ontario Learn

BSCN-2413: Pathophysiology Concepts and Nursing Care 1

BSCN-2513: Statistics for Nursing Research

BSCN-2724: Introduction to Pharmacology

BSCN-2935: Clinical 3 and Labs

MBIO-2604: Microbiology - Infectious Disease and the Immune Response

BSCN-2413: Community 1 - Introduction to Community Nursing and Aging in Place

BSCN-2523: Research and Evidence - Informed Practice

BSCN-2613: Mental Health and Addictions

BSCN-2945: Clinical 4 and Labs

Required Elective: Lower degree level Sociology course through Ontario Learn

BSCN-3323: Pathophysiology Concepts and Nursing Care 2

BSCN-3423: Community 2 - Public and Population Health

BSCN-3623: Young Families Health - Maternal Infant Child

BSCN-3955: Clinical 5 and Labs

INDI-XXX3: Indigenous Health and Healing

BSCN-3334: Pathophysiology Concepts and Nursing Care 3

BSCN-3534: Nursing Research in Community, Population and Environmental Health

Gen Ed. Elective: Higher degree level course through Ontario Learn

BSCN-4233: Professional Nursing Leadership

BSCN-4823: Experiential Learning - Transition to Practice 1

BSCN-4977: Integrated Hospital Praticum


BSCN-4987: Integrated Community Praticum

BSCN-4535: Leadership and the Future of Nursing

BSCN-4833: Experiential Learning - Transition to Practice 2

BSCN-4977: Integrated Hospital Praticum


BSCN-4987: Integrated Community Practicum

Program Maps

Current Students

Current students can view program maps from previous years on the mylambton website. 

You will need to login with your C# and password in order to access your program map.

Employment Opportunities

Registered Nurses have many career options open to them as they are prepared to care for individuals, families, and communities in varied settings. Our graduates assume roles as clinical practitioners, health program and policy developers, researchers, administrators and teachers. Careers can be found in hospitals, community health agencies, public health units, government health agencies and public and private corporations in both urban and rural settings.

Completion of Lambton College's BSNL degree is recognized by several post-secondary institutions across Canada as an approved pre-requisite program to pursue graduate education at a Master's level.

Health Services, Community Services & Creative Design


Program Information
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