Centre for Community Health & Social Impact launches at Lambton College

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4 / 29 / 2024

SARNIA, April 29, 2024 - Lambton College is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Centre for Community Health & Social Impact (CCHSI), built on the success of Civic Lab. This transformation reflects the centre's expanded evolving focus to conduct collaborative research projects that address community, health, and social challenges.

Established in 2021 in partnership with the City of Sarnia and the County of Lambton, Civic Lab was dedicated to increasing collaborative projects with economic, environmental, and social impacts for the community. As the number of projects and partnerships grew, and the topics became more intricate, it became clear that a name reflecting the broader focus and impact was necessary.

Since its inception, Civic Lab has successfully completed six projects and currently has 19 more in progress or development. These projects involve collaboration with 27 community partners, including government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, Indigenous groups, and for-profit entities. Through these initiatives, 25 Lambton students have had the chance to acquire hands-on experience by addressing real-life challenges that impact our community. Additionally, these projects have actively engaged 40 faculty and staff members from the College.

Reflecting on this transformation, Lambton College President and CEO, Rob Kardas, stated, "The evolution of Civic Lab into the Centre for Community Health & Social Impact signifies a pivotal moment in our commitment to community-driven research. As we expand our focus to encompass a broader range of community, health, and social issues, we are positioned to make an even greater impact on the well-being of our communities."

The Centre for Community Health & Social Impact (CCHSI) serves as a dynamic hub for collaborative research, bringing together partners from various sectors to collectively address pressing health and social challenges. Through CCHSI, Lambton College is committed to fostering healthier, more resilient communities through research.

CCHSI will support projects in areas focused on community, social services, and health, including economic resiliency, food security, art and culture, tourism and heritage, public health and safety, mental health and wellness, environmental sustainability, and more.

Currently, the centre works with over 20 community partnerships, including First Nations communities, not-for-profits, local allied health services, local social services, environmental organizations, long-term care groups, athletic associations, post-secondary education institutions, police and fire services, and legal services.

For more information on CCHSI and its current and past projects, please contact CCHSI Manager, Meghan Realesmith at

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