Lambton College Honours HMCS Sarnia with Classroom Dedication

Military academy students standing with Rob Kardas
5 / 09 / 2024

SARNIA, May 9, 2024 – Lambton College has taken a meaningful step to honour the city’s military heritage and strengthen campus and community ties to members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

In a special ceremony held earlier today, Lambton College President & CEO Rob Kardas officially unveiled the newly named HMCS Sarnia Classroom. The dedication commemorates the valiant service of the Bangor-Class Minesweeper during the Second World War and celebrates its deep-rooted connection to the city of Sarnia.

Joined by representatives of the Lambton College Foundation and the Royal Canadian Navy, Kardas said that recognizing HMCS Sarnia at the College stands as a tribute to the ship’s legacy and the brave individuals who served aboard.

“Dedicating a permanent space on our campus to HMCS Sarnia allows us to strengthen our connection to our region’s history, while offering students and visitors insight into the past, promoting an understanding of the sacrifices made for the freedoms of all who call Sarnia home,” he said. “This classroom serves as a symbol of our gratitude to those who have served and a reminder of the rich military history that shapes our community.”

The classroom naming initiative is part of a recent commitment made by Lambton College to reduce barriers for military-connected students who move inter-provincially due to Canadian Armed Forces service. In April 2023, Lambton partnered with four other Ontario colleges to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate on a framework to offer military-connected students barrier-free and local access to program completion. 

The acknowledgement is meant to further reinforce a sense of belonging and support for students with military connections, enhancing their academic experience and emotional well-being while on campus.

As part of the official dedication, the classroom will feature informative artwork outlining the historical significance of the HMCS Sarnia along with insights into the College’s ongoing commitment to honour the contributions of serving members, Veterans and military families.

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