Health Care Management & Leadership Development

Hybrid Board of Governors Certificate


Be a leader and a part of the exciting field of health care management which involves innovatively coordinating resources, improving patient outcomes, and ensuring the efficient delivery of high-quality health services.

This collaborative Health Care Management & Leadership Development Board of Governors certificate program is a partnership between Lambton College and Bluewater Health. It is an integral component of learning and development for managers and leaders with experience in a service that impacts the determinants of health.

This program provides the insights that will help you build yourself as a leader. This program will enhance fundamental business acumen, people, and leadership skill through the exploration of aspects of human resources, finance, teams, and change management. Core management techniques will be applied including coaching, effective communications, and quality and continuous improvement.

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Admission Requirements

  • Proof of post-secondary credential or equivalent
  • Professional resume outlining a minimum of three years leadership and/or management experience in a service that impacts the determinants of health (e.g. health care, public health, primary care, community care, or social services.)
  • Completed Application Form

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Be sure you meet admission requirements to earn your credential.

Credential Eligibility

If you are taking courses with the intention of completing this program and earning a credential, you must meet the Admission Requirements. It is your responsibility to supply proof of admission requirements to the Office of the Registrar before completing three courses in this program.

If you complete the program but fail to provide proof of admission requirements, you will be ineligible to receive your credential.


Participants will be invoiced directly through Corporate Training.

Technology Requirements

In order to keep pace with the requirements of each and every course in your program, Lambton College requires that each student have access to a laptop while studying at our college.



This course focuses on the practical understanding and application of management principles from different angles, such as managing oneself and organizational life. This course will challenge you to explore how your unique style impacts your communication, engagement, and ability to embrace change in the workplace. The study of emotional intelligence, coaching, and leaderful communications will assist you to gain the knowledge and skills that will lead to positive outcomes.

Please contact us to find out when the next start date will be.


In the second course you will apply leadership techniques such as facilitation, powerful questioning, and effective listening to areas of study such as change, teambuilding, quality and Lean process improvement, and financial management. You will explore managing people and resources and reflect on your role as a leader to support and strengthen values and principles of providing health and wellness services in a caring environment.

Please contact us to find out when the next start date will be.


The final piece is the capstone course where you will engage in a learning project that will provide opportunity to apply knowledge and experience on effective communications and leadership.  Patients/clients in our local health system live and work in the community; the capstone will encourage the exploration of patient and social issues to better understand how the health and social systems are connected. At course completion, you will develop a personal plan for further developing your leadership capabilities.

Please contact us to find out when the next start date will be.

Submit an Application

Please complete all applicable fields to submit your application to this program.


HCML Application Form

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Please upload proof of your post-secondary credential (copy of diploma or transcripts) and a professional resume outlining a minimum of three years leadership and/or management experience in a service that impacts the determinants of health.


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Remember to review the important dates associated with this program - some deadlines may be different depending on how your program is delivered and what section you're enrolled in.

Technology Requirements

It is required that students purchase a laptop with a Windows operating system.

Internet Speed Requirements

For best performance for students learning remotely, an internet connection with a minimum of 40 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speed is recommended in order to effectively use video conferencing and remote lecture delivery software as well as, other online resources remotely. Due to the large area over which students may be dispersed, we are unable to recommend a specific provider, so you will need to inquire around your area to find one that best suits your needs.

Minimum Laptop Requirements

In order to access the internet and virtually-delivered software and courseware, student laptops should include the following at a minimum. By meeting the following specifications, students will be equipped to access software and courseware on their laptop through the internet:

  • Intel i5 8th Gen Processor or equivalent
  • 16 GB of RAM (with a minimum of 8 GB)
  • 100 GB HDD or more
  • HD Graphics
  • Webcam with a microphone
  • Wireless 802.11n/ac 5ghz capable
  • Windows Operating System (Windows 11)


To ensure students are getting the most our of their classroom experience, some software will be required.

Lambton College has made this software easily accessible online. Students can leverage our Microsoft Office 365 software packages and services. In addition, much of the software you require for your courses will be available on demand for use on any device - on or off campus.