• International Student Update during COVID-19

    Thank you for your patience. Your health and well-being are our top priority. We also understand that you are seeking answers about the start of classes and programs.

    Postponing Start Date

    The original start date for the May intake was set for April 27 - we are postponing this start date until we better understand the COVID-19 situation in Canada and abroad.

    No final decisions have been made yet when the May intake will start for new students. We hope to have better answers for you in two weeks. Please do not make any travel plans to Canada at this time.

    What Should I Do Now?

    In the meantime, we encourage you to complete the online orientation modules in preparation for your eventual arrival in Canada.

    Be Prepared

    You must have a laptop with wireless capability in order to study at Lambton. Please come prepared. Depending on the COVID 19 situation and how it evolves, some or all of a semester may be taught online as long as the Canadian Government indicates that studying online during the pandemic maintains your eligibility for the PGWP (they have already approved this for current international students in Canada).

    What if I have other questions?

    Due to the high volume of emails, we are unable to answer individual emails at this time. Groups emails will be sent to you so that all students receive the same message at the same time. We appreciate your understanding and patience. We look forward to seeing you in the next few months.

    Below you will see a collection of frequently asked questions which may also be helpful to you.

  • FAQs

    Prospective International Students
    I received my visa for the May/September 2020 intake. What should I do now?
    At this time we do not recommend students make any travel plans to Canada. We will provide further information within the next few weeks once Canada’s COVID-19 situation is better understood. In the meantime you are encouraged to complete the online pre-arrival orientation module for your study location:
    Are there any changes to Lambton’s international application process?
    Our application and admissions process is unaffected by COVID-19 at this time. Admissions are currently open for the September 2020 and January 2021 intakes. Please refer to our How to Apply page for further information and to submit your application.
    Who should I contact for further information?
    Please visit the International Education section of our website for contact information based on campus of study.
    Current International Students
    What is the income tax filing deadline?
    The deadline has been moved to June 1 by the Canada Revenue Agency.
    Is Lambton College open?
    All study locations are closed as of March 16th. Faculty, staff, and students are not permitted on campus until further notice in support of Canada’s public health strategy of social distancing.
    Are classes still being offered?
    Classes are temporarily paused from March 16th to 22nd. Beginning March 23rd we plan to deliver courses online with the intention of completing the Winter term on time. Please check your college email regularly for further information.
    Will COVID-19 impact my PGWP eligibility?
    Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has confirmed that PGWP eligibility would not be impacted by alternative course delivery for reasons related to COVID-19. International students will still be considered eligible for the PGWP provided they meet all other program criteria.
    Am I still eligible to work?
    International students who were eligible to work on or off-campus can continue to do so, but remain subject to the same number of authorized hours (20 hours off campus during academic sessions and full time during scheduled breaks).
    Should I return to my home country?
    The Government of Canada is being proactive in its response to COVID-19 to ensure the health and safety of everyone currently living in Canada. We wish to highlight that international students should not make quick decisions.

    Please reassure your family that international students are covered by guard.me health insurance. International students will have coverage for COVID-19 under the terms and conditions of the policy, just like any other medical condition.

    The current term will be delivered in an online format for the last several weeks of the term. Students returning to their home countries should keep in mind that they will still be expected to join online class at the times offered, despite being in a differing time zone.

    If you choose to return to your home country, be sure to follow your country’s procedures as it relates to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Most importantly, please also be aware of travel restrictions to Canada should you want to return by following travel advice on Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada website.
    Where can I find information about my international student health insurance?
    Please refer to the GuardMe microsite for your particular campus for policy details and Frequently Asked Questions regarding COVID-19. You would have received your e-card through your MyLambton email at the end of the first month of studies directly from GuardMe. We suggest you print and keep a copy of your policy card with you at all times.

    All medical expenses for COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment are covered under these policies. If you are symptomatic, please contact the local health authorities in your area for instructions on care. There is no treatment available for mild symptoms. If your symptoms are mild, you will likely be advised to self isolate only. There is no additional coverage for expenses incurred as a result of mandatory quarantines or self-isolation. Follow the instructions of your local health authority.

    mobileDOCTOR by guard.me allows you to connect with Canadian doctors on Maple, a telemedicine company, as a part of your health benefits. Maple provides access to doctors, Canada wide, on your phone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere.Seeing a doctor on Maple is safe and reliable, and can help prevent the need to go to a walk-in clinic or Emergency Room.
    Who should I contact for further information?
    Please visit the International Education section of our website for contact information based on campus of study.

  • Lambton College has been servicing Canadian and international students for over 50 years and has truly evolved from a public not-for-profit college to a global post-secondary education provider. International students can study in Sarnia, Toronto and Mississauga, Ontario and Lambton College also has international students enrolled in campuses in China.

    Graduates of Lambton College have a competitive edge in employability and practical work experience. Many of the academic programs include co-op experience. International students are also eligible for a post graduate work permit upon the completion of their post-secondary program.

    International students can access a world class education at an affordable price at Lambton College. Students will also receive:

    • Work experience opportunities through part-time, volunteer, on-campus employment, co-op placements and post-graduate employment
    • Some of the lowest tuition and living costs in Canada
    • Safe, caring and supportive campus and community life
    • Higher level study opportunities at partner universities in Canada and the United States
    • Highly popular diploma and post-graduate academic programs
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