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  • Lambton College has an agreement with Cestar College of Business, Health, and Technology (Cestar College); a registered private career college, to deliver its academic programs in the City of Toronto. We refer to this agreement as Lambton in Toronto. All services and classes at this location are delivered by Cestar College employees in accordance with its agreement with Lambton College. 

    Lambton College has been operating a public private partnership with Cestar College since 2011 and has successfully graduated over 12,000 international students. Currently, classes are compose of only international students. The Cestar College campus is located at 265 Yorkland Blvd and includes over 100,000 square feet of classrooms, labs, student areas, and administration offices in two buildings.

    Prospective international students are also encouraged to consider studying at Lambton College's main campus in Sarnia, Ontario. The Sarnia Campus is larger and the community is smaller, providing more opportunities to interact with Canadians inside and outside of the classroom.

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    Lambton in Toronto at Cestar College


    400-265 Yorkland Blvd
    Toronto, ON M2J 1S5


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