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Digital Research Alliance of Canada

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (aka the Alliance) serves Canadian researchers, with the objective to advance Canada’s position as a leader in the knowledge economy on the international stage. The Alliance offers services for Research Data Management including the Data Management Plan (DMP) Assistant, which is a national, online, bilingual data management planning tool. The tool is freely available to all researchers and supports with the development of a DMP through a series of key questions in relation to data management. It is further supported by best practices guidance along with helpful examples.

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Discover additional resources at DMP Assistant.

The Alliance provides these helpful resources and tools at Welcome to DMP Assistant. A list of additional resource links through Alliance and DMP Assistant are included below.

  1. Research Data Management Learning and Training
  2. Brief Guide – Data Management Plans
  3. Brief Guide – Create an Effective Data Management Plan

Additional Resources


Borealis, the Canadian Dataverse Repository, is a bilingual, multi-disciplinary, secure, Canadian research data repository, supported by academic libraries and research institutions across Canada. Borealis supports open discovery, management, sharing, and preservation of Canadian research data. You can access additional guides and helpful resources at Learn @ Scholars Portal.

Lambton College Library Services

Visit our Lambton College Library Services to access more resources and learning materials about Research Data Management.

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