Research & Innovation

Research Areas

Research Analyzer Lab

The Research Analyzer Lab supports two research centres: The Bio-Industrial Process Research Centre (BPRC) and the Lambton Water Centre. It also supports projects in the areas of Natural Health Products. The lab contains a bio-safety level one research area and advanced fermentation and bio-reactor equipment.

Research Analyzer Lab Equipment List

Bio Pilot Lab

The Bio Pilot Lab is a dual research and post-secondary training space that supports the Chemical Production & Power Engineering Technology and Chemical Lab Technician programs along with the Research & Innovation department.

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Advanced Materials Testing Lab

The Advanced Material Testing lab is part of applied research activities in the area of advanced material development. This lab is equipped with many different facilities to perform various tests including tensile, tear, elongation, Melt Flow Index (MFI), Rheology Dynamic Analyzer (RDA) and FTIR for films.

Advanced Materials Testing Lab Equipment List

Advanced Material Processing Lab

One of the first labs built at Lambton College, the Advanced Material Processing Lab contains equipment used for formulating advanced materials and composites including twin screw extruder, microcompounder, injection molder, hydraulic press, processing oven and smaller tools for materials formulation.

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Nanotechnology Lab

The Nanotechnology Lab is the site of ongoing research in energy generation and storage technologies including: spectography, chromatography, storage cycle characterization and fuel cell testing equipment.

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Water & Wastewater Pilot Lab

The Water & Wastewater Lab is a dual research and post-secondary space and is home to Lambton College’s Environmental Technician – Water & Wastewater Operations program. The pilot area is designed to test and trial technology that has moved beyond the laboratory level.

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Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Lab

The Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Lab houses the Lambton Manufacturing Innovation Centre’s design and fabrication space for rapid prototyping, integrated systems engineering, and industry-focused research and development activities.

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Canadian Extrusion Research Lab

The Canadian Extrusion Research Lab is a comprehensive research lab functioning as the access point for SMEs to work with the College to develop, improve, optimize or enhance their industrial material related technologies and methodologies, including green materials, recycling technologies and materials, smart materials and composites.

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Instrumentation & Control Research Lab

The Instrumentation and Control Research Lab is used to carry out maintenance, diagnostic, configuration and calibration of various measurement and indicating instrumentation (pneumatic, analog, digital, etc.) in a variety of replicated industrial settings.

An image of the prototype lab.

Prototype & Fabrication Lab

The Prototype & Fabrication lab is a comprehensive prototype lab for building prototypes for research purposes. The lab is fully supplied with tools and is supported by 3D printers, CNC units, and the machine shop.

An image of the sustainable smart home.

Sustainable Smart House

The Sustainable Smart House supports research in renewable energy resource management and optimization and serves as a showcase for solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy, geothermal heating, and a sophisticated energy management system.

This House serves as a research laboratory for new projects in testing, optimization, and validation of the performance of prototype and commercial solar panels, electrolyzers, hydrogen-storage vessels, hydrogen fuel cells, and other renewable energy system components.

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