Students looking at ipad with interacting with instructor
Parents play a key role in preparing their children for living on their own for the first time. As a college student, this may be the first time your child has had to independently navigate finances, time management, deadlines, and personalities. It’s a time of great change that can be difficult for students and parents. But we have some suggestions for how you can ease into this transition.
  • Visit us

    Take a tour of the residence and make sure you and your child are comfortable with the surroundings and the environment.

  • Be informed

    Review official college information together and be sure your child is aware of payment schedules, deadlines, and the consequences of missing these dates.

  • Support independence

    Remember, all statements, invoices, and refunds are sent directly to students - the College is not allowed to provide information about students unless permission has been granted. Students should be encouraged to take this opportunity to develop a sense of personal financial management.

  • Check in

    Being away from home for the first time can be a lonely experience. Stay in touch with your child and send them care packages to brighten their day when they’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Remember the first few weeks are busy for college students. You may not be able to get a hold of your child, and this should be expected. They’re joining a new college community and having some fun.

  • Support

    Residence Advisors are fellow students and have undergone an extensive training program. If you child is struggling or just needs advice, make sure they know to reach out to their Residence Advisor (RA).