Transfer Opportunities

Transfer To Lambton College

Whether you've finished a program or are part way through, transferring to Lambton College can be done in 5 easy steps. We want to make the transition easy so you can start your future.

5 Steps for Applying for Transfer Credits

Step 1: Collect your School Transcripts

  • Order a copy of your transcript(s) which can usually be found at your school's portal or through

Step 2: Complete a Transfer Credit Search

  • Use the Transfer Credit Search on our website to see how your previous credits can be applied to Lambton College courses.

Step 3: Request Detailed Course Outlines

  • Before you complete the Transfer Credit Request form, you must provide detailed course outlines from the institution(s) where you completed your courses.
  • After you've identified which courses will transfer to Lambton College, contact your previous post-secondary institution to request detailed course outlines.

Step 4: Apply to Lambton College

  • In order to complete the final step of applying for transfer credit, you do have to apply to Lambton College. Students can apply at any point before they reach the final step of this process.

Step 5: Complete the Transfer Credit Request Form